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Your Rebellion To Buni, AA Is An Insult To PMB Too -Group Chides BOB

Kwara Progressive Youth Movement, KPYM, has responded to the threat of mass defection by the suspended Caretaker Chairman (APC), of the All Progressive Congress, Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa (BOB) in Kwara state.

The group in statement described Bolarinwa threats as attention seeking and as an empty threat with no weight.

The press statement in details;

Probably, the aggressiveness of the suspended Kwara All Progressives Congress (APC) Caretaker Chairman Bashir Bolarinwa and friends to get attention of PMB on influencing Mai Mala Buni-led National Executives is affecting their thinking or how do one describe the threat of New Mass Exodus from APC which they had already staged month ago but that left the party more populated.

Bolarinwa must still be in the illusion that Kwara are fools that he can continue presenting dog as baboon to Kwarans. Every Kwaran knows all core supporters of BOB have been directed by him to leave APC in the last stageup show and the rest that are associating with him and are still in APC are the ones that won’t even feign leaving APC for any reason.

Bolarinwa thinks Kwara did not know that he dissociated from the YPP staged decamped because it failed woefully since people refused to follow his instructions to leave the party and those who followed the instructions only end up given room for the supporters of Gov. AA to feel more secure thereby leaving the party stronger. The sacked Caretaker Chairman was so shameless to the extent that he can still be parading those that had already staged decamping from APC to YPP as APC members that will still decamp in days to come.

It is hilarious seeing Bolarinwa turning APC Kwara to few party stakeholders and their wives affair as he turn friends & family meeting to a party meeting which their resolution is binding on Kwara APC majority. It was in a Sallah get-together for selected party stakeholders and their spouses that this supposed important decision emanate and get to the Press.

Bolarinwa totally forget that Kwara are eagerly waiting for the Ministers and Chief Akogun to decamp if they are the one backing him so that Kwara may finally celebrate the fall of opposition/crisis rider politicians that have been riding on fake concern for Kwara or crisis between Federal Government and Kwara State politicians to get patronage from the time immemorial.

Bolarinwa claimed he is disappointed with how the Buni led National Caretaker Executives has handled the Kwara crisis so far. His expectation is that those one will give him tool to continue creating unnecessary crisis in Kwara APC when they can see with their own eyes that Bolarinwa is only crying foul while he is the one holding the ball meant for leg with his hands and running on football pitch.

Bolarinwa said that “with all intent and purposes they (Buni Caretaker Executives) have not been sincere with the grievances of majority of party members” in Kwara while his definition of majority is ‘him with few people' that have pocket APC structure in Kwara and didn’t allow it to grow.

To him “The national leadership of party is toying with Kwara” while Kwara in his definition is him and Alh. Lai that ‘his showing face as the leading' force against the governor has caused half of those that once reasoned with BOB false alarms to back off immediately and swells Governor's supporters now.

Bolarinwa pretends not to know Buni acted in the interest of APC in Kwara but not ‘in the name of solidarity with their colleague' as he is making it appear to the world. The question still remains: should the Federal APC drop the performing Governor in person of Gov. AA for a serial failure opposition leader in person of Alh. Lai Muhammed that only succeed ‘twice in Kwara' by aligning with reigning force. In 2019 when the trend aligned him with ABS and in 2019 when the trend aligned him with AA plus the masses were the only times Alh. Lai succeeded, he was a perpetual failure before then.

However, Bolarinwa in another joke of the season said “I want it to be on record that if mass exodus or implosion should hit Kwara APC,” and threatening President BUHARI and BUNI with his people that they will be held liable. Kindly ask Bolarinwa, is it not the same masses that left some months back and APC appeared to be more populated? Are the same people sitting in his meeting not the one that claimed to decamp recently?

Bolarinwa complained that “Up till now, we have not seen any party membership registration in Kwara state yet they announced extension of registration on paper and refused to send registration materials to the field” and in his interpretation “Isn’t that a subtle way of encouraging party members to find abode somewhere else?” But Bolarinwa did not tell us he has registered nor explain why he registered and his followers failed to register. Was the registration only opened to him then?

He wants people to believe “the National leadership of the APC” are “hell bent on sending almost 80 percent of its membership strength out of the party…” and the registration of APC in Kwara is going up to two hundred thousand which is already 140% of the past party population. What calculation method did Bolarinwa used?

And lastly, he said “I enjoin President Muhammadu Buhari as the leader of the party to rein in Buni and his colleagues to harmonise all interests and guide against a calamitous implosion and mass exodus from the party.” This is the main purpose of all the cooked up. Bolarinwa wants to fake President Buhari with the empty threat of mass decamping whereas his aim is to disorganize the party the more.
The question we want to ask Bolarinwa is that if Buni had stood in defiance to the President Buhari in the Nation as he stood against and still standing against Gov. AA in the state; will APC still exist?

It is good to hear Bolarinwa saying “…., we still have hope in this party and we are thus not contemplating leaving the party.” He should therefore submit to Mai Mala Buni-led National Executives and the leadership of Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. He should realize his rebellion to Buni and Gov. AA is also a rebellion to Buhari he is calling on. 

Do President BUHARI needs to listen to a rebellion? No! Bolarinwa should there not expect President BUHARI's support because the President won't encourage rebellion.

Kwara Progressive Youth Movement

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