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Time For A New Look As APC Kwara, Like A Regrow Hair Comes To The National Congress

Have you taken hair to Barbing Saloon for cutting and having the barber spoiling your hair style for you? Some people have experience that and even have the problem of identification if they are the type people use hair style to recognize. Hair, however grow out of the head and cutting it is not cutting the head. The hair will regrow and can still be cut to the old style. Hair cut only destroys or makes the look, but doesn’t destroy the head.

APC in Kwara that is experiencing head style problem for long time, the head style which makes it looks unattractive is naturally entering into a National Convention that provides opportunity for a new haircut and bringing great hope.

Ordinarily, the APC Convention that came in 2018 should ordinarily repeat itself in 2022 and the crisis in Kwara APC would have lasted till then. What we are saying is that the governor won’t have the opportunity of attending party meeting till now as the previous State Party Head will still be fencing him up. But the divine intervention that removed Oshiomole and installed the Caretaker Extraordinary Committee of APC gives the golden opportunity Kwara shouldn’t have had.

The good news is that APC Convention will hold in Kwara, the leadership will have to come together, the governor will be installed as party leader according to APC and every other stakeholders will take their right seats for a greater APC in Kwara. The better hope to win Kwara in 2023 is totally guaranteed with that.
Whatever is wrong with Kwara APC in the past years due to party executives and governor's disposition will automatically be corrected or get corrected now that new Party Executives are going to be elected in a National Congress. 

Those who trust themselves and can work with State and Federal Government whould come together to build a single Political family where the party and government will be able to work together as it is happening in the Federal.
APC Kwara, like a regrow hair has now come to the National Congress and the style can be accurately cut to bring out the needed beauty that will attract the Kwara masses.

When the different organs are correctly positioned in the Party and every stakeholders given his or her rightful recognition; every party man or woman will come together and only those with insatiable personal agenda will fall to the teeth of the trimming scissors.

APC Kwara will now plan how to support the right candidate for the Governorship in 2023 which should be the serving governor unless he decides not to contest again. Every facilities from the Federal and State will therefore be focused on achieving this good end to the benefit of the masses and party members.

As APC Kwara enters the National Convention, there is great hope that it will come out with beautiful face that will attract more people to it and secure victory in 2023.

Congratulations! APC family as we go into Congress in few days to come.
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