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They Are Sojourner That Won’t Care If The Town Scatter! Thank You Gov. AA For Been Security Conscious

As we said earlier. Mal. AbdulRahman is an original son of the soil. Yoruba says 'Omo Onilu o ni fe o tu' 'A son of the owner of the Land steps on it gently but the son of stranger steps it anyhow as Yoruba also say 'Omo o nile won a tee jeje', A joji, won a tee giri giri bole tu ko tu'.

That is the only reason why any Sarakite will be blaming Gov. AA for cancelling Durba. We understand hunger must have force these people to want to destroy Kwara because the pot they sat on to feed themselves with for the time immemorial is now with Gov. AA. The recklessness is understandable. Eni oro ndun kii joko, e ni ebi npa kii loro ire lenu. You had ate this thing for 16 years. Let Mal. AbdulRahman use the rest for Kwara good. Please.

We understand your Boss's father came to this Town to trade and he still have Ogun State to run to. It was even rumor a King in Ogun said sometimes that Bukky is now carrying profit he made from the farm back home, referring to Kwara as farm. We can not do much about the past but we are in support of Mal. AbdulRahman taken any necessary step that will stop you from destroying Kwara further.

You had wasted and carted away. You have invested in your third home which is South Africa. You will just move to that place after spoiling Kwara. This is what those alatenuje calling themselves Sarakite didn’t know. This is what Anigba that are now struggle to deceive the masses to bring ABS back to commence their game of deceit quickly forget. They don’t know ABS will just Scatter Kwara and run to Ogun or South Africa.

Gov. AbdulRahman has done Kwara great by not given a situation where the law enforcement agents won't have to clash with criminals and cause casualty. Gov. AA can not withstand the flow of blood unlike them that enjoys it.

Let all lovers of Kwarans support good move of the governor and ignore the agents of Atohunrinwa that have nothing to lose if Kwara is set ablaze.

Kwara Youth Progressive Movement

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