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The Image Making Staged Chanting Of Sai Bukky And The Appreciative Chant For Good Governance Of Sai Ramoni At Yidi Ground! Kwarans Understand

The Ilorin Yidi ground from decades has become a place of making known the displeasure or pleasure of Kwarans to Kwara State Government. Any governor that knows he is not pleasing the society will therefore try to avoid Yidi Prayer. Much expectations and suspense therefore usually preceded Yidi prayers every year.

So, when Bisi Fakayode, former SA labour organized the Keke Napep users he used to organize to create fake popularity for Maigida or ABS in those days for ABS today again; people understand. People understand ABS needs name making staging to prove he is still existing in Kwara politics. He needs to gather all PDP members in Ilorin to converge at his entry point in Yidi ground to shout Sai Bukky for video recording. Kwara understand the Sai Bukky Film Shooting Organized by PDP for their fading Leader in the Yidi ground today. Let them enjoy watching the film on Facebook and WhatsApp Group Cinema.

Kwarans, however, heard clearly the appreciation of the good governance people are expressing to the government of Mal. AbdulRahman. They know organizing accolades for cooked up popularity is strange to this governor and people were the ones that did what they did because they know people will interpret absent of such to another thing.

No one needs compare incomparable, comparing the era of "steal 5, share 3 and use 2 to work of ABS/Maigida" to "release all for people in charge to work of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq"__ Al- Ilorite Genuine. Everyone knows the difference between 'Loot and Let Loot Era' of Locust is different from "Ensure People's Money Works for People's Era" of AbdulRahman Al- Ilorite Genuine. No one needs compare the One buying naturalization citizenship with the one that was already naturalized by God. That is why AbdulRahman Al- Ilorite Genuine needs not bribed the indigenes to get their favour because he's a son mothers will naturally backed.

Kwara in general knows AbdulRahman, Al- Ilorite Genuine will not just waste half of their resources on seeking favour from indigenes while carting the rest away to strange land where initially, his father came to trade. Kwara is the only home for AbdulRahman, Al- Ilorite Genuine where he will bring all his profit not like them who come to trade and still see another state or even country as homes they can return to.

Let the sell out continue to sing their song for N2000 naira rent but true Kwarans know bygone is bygone and ABS is gone for good. They may go on singing Sai Bukky to Yidi ground every Friday but Kwara will not vote for ABS sponsored candidate again. Kwara are not returning to Egypt..

Kwara Progressive Youth Movement.

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