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Gov. AA, Sanwo-olu To Reconcile Anambra APC! A Man That Can Endure The Slaps And Kicks From A Wife For Years Must Be Able To Counsel A New Husband

A friend called me after listening to a radio program yesterday to ask for my opinion on why Mala Buni-chaired Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) appointed the Governor of Kwara State, Gov AbdulRahman along Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu to reconcile contestants in the recently-concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) Primaries that elect the Party's flagbearer for the November 6th Anambra State Governorship Elections while he knows the Governor is having crisis at home here? According to the probable sponsored radio program; a man with broken home should not be appointed to serve as a marriage counsellor. The question is however this. Should a man who endures wife's slaps and kicks for years with folded arms not be chosen to counsel a new married man?

Here is the story I told him. I met Chief Fadeyi, the then Party Vice Chairman of APC in Isin Local Government been bundled out of APC meeting of Isin Local Government in the late last year on the order of Chief Ogunbayo who was the Local Government Party Chairman then and I asked for the reason. I was told associating with Gov. AA was the only offence and I had to leave that meeting when Ogunbayo was warning us that anyone that wants to join APC should not associate with the governor. 

I was told that was the kind of treatment BOB control executive gave to any party member that want to show sympathy for the Governor meaning all the supporters of Gov. AbdulRahman suffered this for 18 months in the hand of BOB controlled executives and the governor did nothing. He took it all calmly. That was the reason some of us decided to fight this oppression.

The ridicule Gov. AbdulRahman suffered from BOB or is it Minister led executive of Kwara APC can only be endured by an exemplary father who is still blessing a child who slapped him because he don’t want his generation to be an accursed. Anyone saying Gov. AbdulRaman can’t manage his home must be part of the BOB attacking cats that are terrorizing Gov. AbdulRaman lions then or someone without a glimpse of idea on what was going on in Kwara. It is unimaginable.

Yoruba says no single person will narrate his reason for fighting and be guilty and that is why they describe an elder that judge base on one side narrative as a wicked one. One will wonder why the same Buni that upturned the move to stop BOB from been sworn in as a caretaker chairman in December 2020 suspended him months later. Buni was reasoning with the fake crying of ‘the governor was oppressing us’ BOB/minister was carrying around then until he saw clearly the Gov AbdulRahman plight and realized only someone with a dove heart like Gov AbdulRahman can survive what he survived.

Till today I can’t stop wondering why BOB group in APC thinks evils are good deeds since it is committed by them? You turned a governor a ridicule object in a party because you felt you had Oshiomole who was the former National APC chairman in your pocket to the extent that no one can mention the governor's name for good in the party's meeting then. Anyone can however rise to abuse the governor. And you are still boldly flaring your past wickedness without remorse till date when the power you rely on failed you.  

Everyone knows BOB did what he did to Gov. AbdulRahman because he never imagine anything will remove Oshiomole or affect his office till 2024. BOB get the boldness because he was sure that Alh. Lai Muhammed connection with Oshiomole/Lagos won't allow the Governor to get National Party Secretariat audience even if that one reported them. 

No one in Nigeria is with better understanding of managing party crisis than Gov AbdulRahman when take into consideration the ridicule, insults and disrespect he calmly endures from the hands of Bashir O. Bolarinwa led APC executives in Kwara State in these two years.

It is only the blindness cast by either hatred or biasness that will not make any Kwara to see the calmness of an ocean, the resilience of a monitor lizard, the gentleness of a dove, the endurance of a father and the boldness of a valor in the display of Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq as he waded the storm of BOB powered by the contestants who want to see him out of office in 2023.

With many dirty slaps took calmly by Gov AbdulRahman from BOB controlled executives without uttering a sound in protest until the wind carry BOB away naturally. He is more than qualified to counsel a new primary election winner.

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