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Onion Juice Remedy, An Effective Treatment For Prostate

Onions are hilariously classified as vegetables but in some variations have more health beneficial importance to the body compared to other vegetables of it's class. Prostate cancer or disease is no doubt one of the many challenges faced by many men lately, amidst the cost of therapy and medication, why not try this affordable and readily available culinary vegetable? 
Juice extract of onion can perform this wonder to our prostate health with no harmful effect or difficulty in absorption and or body metabolism as in medications.

Facts About Prostate
How It Occurs
# In all men, from age of 25 years, the prostate accumulates toxins due to urine and semen which pass through the urethra;
# The prostate also participates in the composition of sperm by adding a secretion that is not entirely eliminated from this gland and when the residual secretions stays there, it result in gradual intoxication;
# This results to inflammation, swelling of the gland and its inability to play it's role, thus affecting s£× life.

How To Manage Prostate
# To keep this gland in good condition for as long as possible, it is important to occasionally detoxify it;
# There is for now no sufficable orthodox medicine that can protect our prostate from premature old age;
# But there's reliable effectiveness of herbal therapy on a positive remedy, hence the introduction of "onion juice".

Preparation of Onion juice
#1. Get a dozen or at least 8 large onions (quantity depends on the size);

#2. Remove the extreme layers and then clean properly;

#3. Slice the onions into a mortar and pound. N.B: Do not blend, to avoid adding water

#4. Collect the pounded onions into into a sieve cloth;
#5. Drain as much juice as you can by squeezing the pounded onions in the sieve cloth;
#6. Drink about 33cl glass of this juice. 

N.B: Repeat this medication three weeks later, then a third time after another three weeks and it's a goner for any form of prostate disease or toxin. Then repeat this series of operations every 10 years.

N.B: It is strongly advised to take this juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

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