Before You Ignite The Fire Of Religious Violence

By Yahya Habib 

Those encouraging religious intolerance in Schools should know we are not only bonded together in Schools, but we are Neighbors, colleagues and Friends. If this continues, it may spread to other institutions and even communities and the hatred and intolerance may metamorphosed to full-blown religious violence.

Gabriel and Ismail who are good Friends in Classroom may end up became sworn enemies all because of the needless agitations and believe forced on them. We need to thread gently.

I wonder what we stand to achieve with all these banters we are throwing all to have an edge?. We are not helping the situation but complicating it.

I visited Daughter of Charity Hospital in Kubwa Abuja, the Hospital belongs to Catholics and most of their patients are Hausa that always flush in with their Hijabs, they have not been challenged or sent back..Why are we acting as if the world start and ends in the Schools?. Christians can not live without Muslims and vice versa, that is the truth.

We are creating problems where there are non, the message we are sending is so strong but we believe we are fighting for God.

I want to implore the Muslims not to see Christians as enemies, they are never and will never be our enemies. The opinion of some Muslims or Christians should not be seen as general opinion of the people of the faith.

Let peace reign.

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