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Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim: The Doyen Of Senators

By Tijani Olaegbe 

If there is anything that is native to Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, it is service to humanity. He doesn't pretend about it and neither is he doing it because he is a politician canvassing for votes. Rafiu is humanity personified. 

Good evening my dear readers. I am switching over to another big fish in the diverse ocean of Kwara South. He is by no other person than the Senator whose centre of interests are welfarism and stomach infrastructure coupled with socio economic and infrastructural development of his constituents and community. 

As a way of reminder especially for those who care, at his entry into partisan politics, many who considered themselves as baobab politicians regarded Rafiu Ibrahim as a political neophyte and green horn in the art of politicking.

But no sooner than his joining the then State House of Assembly through a bye election to fill the vacuum created by the death of am Honourable member from Oke-Ogun state constituency in Oyun LGA that the brand new Honourable hit the ground running in the then Kwara State House of Assembly. 

Within a space of time, Rafiu Ibrahim became not just a model but a yardstick and parameter by which we measured performance of honourable members in the state house of assembly. 

Rafiu changed the narrative. He combined philanthropy with mandate delivery. This, of course, earned him political distractors which some of them remained till date. 

Going forward, as providence and fate would have it, Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim started climbing the ladder and to the chagrin of many sceptics, the honourable member became a Senator in less than ten years of his sojourn in politics. What an uncommon meteoric rise.

Let me at this juncture, stress that the rise as I described above was a hard earned upliftment. It was not a tea party at all. It was passion born out of commitment and great desire to make the difference. 

What makes Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim different and distinguished? The different between him and others is that he is PATRIOTIC. To him serving humanity and constituents are the first and last duty of a political office holder. So much so that, today, whether dead or alive, Kwara South had never experienced a Senator like him. 

No wonder, Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim remained so potent, so forthcoming, responsive and the only event and happenings in Kwara South today. He is also the Senator of the moment receiving Awards left, right and centre even beyond his senatorial district. The last being the "Distinguished Personality Award " presented to him by the Rotary Club of Ilorin Metro. 

Congratulations to you sir, for a well deserved honour. 

This is going to be the first of the series that will soon follow.

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