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KWARMA - An Agency That Is Living Up To The Task Under AA

Hon. Al-Rufai Bolakale Oloje, Chairman KWARMA. 

There is no doubt about the responsibilities of the Kwara State Road Maintenance Agency (KWARMA) - Responsible for design, constructions, rehabilitation, maintenance and supervision of government roads, inspection of all categories of vehicles with a view to ensuring their road worthiness. 

However, the state experiences about our roads especially in the metropolis were worrisome in the last administration despite the claim of the "operation no pothole" of the last administration. It was here in kwara state that the Nigeria map and other countries of world maps were located on our roads. 

It will interest you to know the number of times that the commercial motorists visited the mechanic workshops for alignment within a week. Or how these drivers spent extra money on drugs for them to be able to work in the other day. This resulted from bad roads they plied daily in order to make their end meet. 

The private motorists equally afraid of taking their cars out. Apart from extra cost of maintaining their cars, fear of being delayed on the road while going to their respective destinations was among factors that necessitated the fear. Even pedestrians find it difficult to walk by the road side as the road became the death trap. Many accidents were recorded on roads within the metropolis because the drivers were trying to dodge the potholes. 

The roads in the state became a death attraction and center of discussion in every unit of the state as you can't drive 20 metres freely on our roads without cursing the dispensation that was reigning at that moment. 

The agency was rendered useless despite the huge amount of money injected into the agency purse. The then government even established bitumen company to make the major material needed by the agency available all the time but all was in vain.

These roads became one of the major concerns of this administration immediately he assumed the office. The governor toured round all critical sectors of the state including KWARMA to ascertain the immediate remedies to fix our roads network which has became the death zone for the inhabitants. 

The story of our roads began to change while government of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq released #20m for the agency to fix some major roads in the metropolis within 7 days, less than a month when he assumed the office.

It was a big surprise that the agency can meet up to its mandate as "all roads must be motorable all year round". AA changed the narrative to make the KWARMA effective, to deliver on its mandate as all the existing roads in the state have been fixed and new ones were even constructed by the state government of this dispensation.

This massive turn around of our road network in the state is tailored with the promise of the Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq - to give 'kwara that works for all' irrespective of the affiliation. Despite not promising operation no pothole, hardly you will find any pothole on our roads.

Indeed, we're having the kwara that works for all as everybody is enjoying the smooth movement to and fro on our roads.

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