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Looking For Sarakites To Crush

By Yahya Habib 

Politics has gradually educe to become equivalent to the religion where we hold the hands with the unanimous people and circle around a fixed set of values and beliefs, disregarding other possibilities. The more passionate we become about these ideologies, the less we care about understanding the real issues.

Our political possessiveness is increasingly become attached to a particular stream of thoughts, any challenge to it is construed as deeply personal. When someone criticizes these political beliefs, we react in the same way as we react when our religious beliefs are questioned. We take it as an attack on our identity and personality.

Most differences between family and friends rarely end in serious squabbles but let the conversation turn to political and lively disagreements can get downright ugly.

Recently, I had some arguments with some friends on social media concerning the EndSars protest, but it's funny the way some of them took it so personally to the extent of raining curses and insults on some of us. The truth is, they argued base on their political inclinations but not base on the reality on ground. We read political meaning to every issues ignoring the obvious fact in most cases.

As it stands in Kwara state today, there is nothing like APC or PDP faithful, what we have are; "Sarakites and Otogites". These are the two parties in Kwara state and both have not been sincere in their dealings and approach to issues.

They have been treating themselves with inherent animosity and disdain. Apology to the mature ones among them who handle issues with utmost maturity, sincerity and civility.

Let's assume you are asked to crush all Sarakites; whosoever that gives you such assignment is asking you to crush your Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Friends, Uncles, Sisters etc. Do you know why?, all Sarakites are one way or the other members of our family.

In the other hand, they way some Sarakites are treating Oto gee adherences really call for concerns. How on heart would you be wishing your brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers and Uncles dead all because they share different political ideologies?. This is insane.
I have been looking for Sarakites to crush but each and every time I come across them they end up being my friends, brothers and sisters etc.

The same way I have been looking for Oto gee to attack but I discovered they are all my family members are kinsmen. 

Can we stop this insanity and stop seeing politics as tug of war and those with different political ideologies as people to crush?.

It's a given to share different view on issues, let deal with those issues but never see the other person as enemy.

"We are all victims of the rots in the system, the political elites are oppressing us all, wherever you stand, make the necessary impact that can change the world to better".

Eschew every form of political bitterness, play politics with maturity and see the way our world will change to better drastically. We are brothers before politics, let that sink into your senses.

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