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Governor AbdulRahaman Abdur-Razzaq; The Erstwhile Kwara Popular Dollar Man

By Yahya Habib 

In the early days, politics as we know it today didn't exist. There were no prodigal and grandiose campaigns and the process was primitive and relatively inexpensive. The method for federal elections was very different than it is today. It was regional and more democratic. 

The marriage of money with politics in Nigeria traces back to the 2rd republic and and the desperation of military leaders to remain in power worsen it all.There was an understanding, in those days, that men of means and education assumed leadership positions in the government. Over time, however, the political process changed and politics became big business and safe haven for criminals.

As we are becoming rich as a state as a result of our oil and other untapped mineral resources,as the influence of money took over the political process, the amount required to win an election grew enormously..

However,how well do you know about politics?. The first parliamentary elections were held in Nigeria in December 12 1959 and when political party primary process was first implemented, it was designed to take power away from political insiders and into the hands of everyday voters. The primaries extended the election cycle and significantly increased the need for additional funding. , economic and social changes brought more people into the process. Politicians had to make the leap from personal persuasion to convincing large groups to support them at rallies, caucuses and conventions.

Nevertheless, the politics of today is nothing but money bag politics devoid of decency,competency and credibility. We judge and adjudge aspirants base on how fat is their bank accounts ,we have turned political arena to wealth contest where the man with biggest money bag take it all.

No doubt, Governor Abdulrahaman Abdur-razzaq was the man with the biggest money bag in the last general election that was flooded with numerous aspirants from APC in Kwara state.

Unverified report have it that the party national body invited all the aspirants and asked them to bring 2 billionaire Naira individually, he governor Abdulrahaman Abdur-razzaq was the only one that could provide the money. This is to tell you that we don't value credibility, competency and decency but money, Yes, money.

I don't pity the party ranks and files that are wailing over negligence and lack of inclusion from the governor, they have enjoyed all during the campaign process and if the report is true, don't you think the governor will have to recoup the money spent?.

How well have you forgotten?, if you have, I will remind you. The only popular campaign slogan after the political mantra "Oto gee" was "Sai Dollar" what does that mean please?.

Don't let me dig too much into politics but I wish the governor do away with political pettiness and focus on governance and ways to develop Kwara and Kwarans.

Till we learn to change our political perspective, till we learn to elect credible people without money inducement, till we make our political process inexpensive. Nothing will change to better.

May God guide our leaders right and help us the truth to know. 

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