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When Mediocrity Is Taking Over, Nothing Will Work

By Yahya Habib

The betterment of a nation or state is not only depends on quality education but also on the educated elites being worthy mentors and ready to plant the trees of meritorious fruits not only in front of their houses but also in front of the house of their neighbours.

With the top-gear speed mediocrity is taking over Kwara political arena , we will soon start thanking our political leaders for waking up from sleep and start seeing their mode of dress as a political achievement.

Praising your inept and corrupt political principals by day but begging for food by night is a sheer rubbish.

The Elite class deceiving you after they have sorted their own kids abroad and you the son of Baba Aimasiko who have never touch the body of an Aeroplane is busy fighting for them.

The irony is of course that you do not see the direct correlations between your low quality of life and the (in)actions of those you worship blindly. Even good people need ACCOUNTABILITY to thrive but you have been brainwashed to equate it to hatred/attacks.

You can't objectively criticise the government you voted for, If you try it, you will be bantered and reduce to nothing by the naturally born defenders of ineptitude.

Talk about their leader's decades of destruction in the state and face the wrath of Social media "Olukoso Ayara Ina".

Because you love the government of the day does not mean you should not criticise the government objectively and demands for ACCOUNTABILITY.

As it stand in Kwara state presently, very few are concern with good governance others have resigned their fate to political pettiness where we praise the condemnable actions of our leaders.

Ask most people exactly what they want from their government, definitely you will be surprise by their answers as it will centred on selfish interest. We are far behind.

My fellow Kwarans, let build this State, let not allow political parties deter our movement of making Kwara great and above all let stop mediocrity that will never help the state to grow.

May God help us the truth to know

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