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The Illogicality Of Some Deceived Kwara Youths

By Yahya Habib  

Just like the popular saying that "an ignorant man is the enemy of himself", so as the majority of kwara youths fighting dirty all because of our ever inhumane politicians who care not about them are enemies of the state. 

Without any ambiguity, most youths on social media are working against the progress and the development of our dear state Unwittingly.

We are just too divided, we are creating future enemies among ourselves, we are fighting the war that is capable of consuming us, in summary, most youths are ninny, thinking they knows too much. 

No matter how hard I think about it, we are still fighting the war that can not in any way benefit us, the war of fighting one thief to support another. 

Politicians have learnt not to pay thugs to attack their political opponents physically anymore, instead,what they do is to hire some e-rats to write and talk about their opponents negatively and all is done. 

If we are to be sincere with ourselves, how many of those politicians worthy of our support?, how many of them can be easily reach if not for politics and precisely, during political period?. We are just deceiving and giving ourselves titles we don't deserve "Comrade". 

It's a pity that those we regarded as political leaders in kwara state are egregious,monstrous and nefarious set of people who want to take it all at the detriment of the masses. 

It's a crying shame that some youths are still supporting the political leadership that be in kwara state despite all the visible atrocities been committed by them, I wonder how I will explain siding with criminals all because of my personal gain. 

Forget about the party, forget about the political camp and forget about your personal likeness or hatred for a group or individual and let deal with reality. 

Politicians comes to you to condemn their opponents during election, they will tells you all your problems as if they are your neighbors but imidiately after election both the winners and the losers will disappear. Mind you, the disappearance of the losers is as bad as that of the winners,ask me why later.

We have alot of people who have all it takes to salvage Kwarans, those who are using their hard earn monies and influence to assist the needy those who cares not about the local government and your religions before they help you, those who need no your appreciations, those who really love the state dearly but we prefer our deceptive politicians than them, what a pity. 

The time is now for all Kwara youths to come together, let learn to respect our political differences and let chanel the way to better kwara. 
Mind you, not all in Saraki's camp are bad and not all in the opposing side are good, don't be deceived. 

May God grant us understanding and help us the truth to know.

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