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NLC Has Been A Betrayal To The Masses - NCAG

The Nigeria Labour Congress of today has been the watch dog of the Government and not hunt dog of the masses anymore. It is only then that we have our words and pain presented to the Government by the NLC but not anymore.

It is so disheartening that the Labour Congress who suppose to protect the interest of the labourer are the one exposing them to victimization and oppression. When we were still young, we do get encourage by the words of activism and hoping one day to join the movement and continue keeping the legacy of justice,peace, tranquility and better Governance. Only God knows, what the thought of our present young ones are towards today's system and to we ourselves.

As it stands, we can no longer keep to our words and stand for what is right as the result of corruption which has eaten deep into our government system and also which has extended to our various union. This is not in the union structure but the personality heading our unions have been selling the struggle for a stipend.

About two weeks ago, a lot of organization planned to stage a peaceful protest to demonstrate their grievance and its everywhere on the media. Seeing this, the masses keep on trending the planned protest set to stage on independence day but unfortunately the Labour Congress come out to plan a protest on 28th of September 2020 which I later see to be an act of confusing the other organizations and saving the oppressors ass. 

I have great confidence in myself when I see the circulation that it's an already sell struggle but I keep following and watching keenly where it's heading to, as NLC flag off the campaign for strike ,many unions decided to join the said protest which I consider to be a strategy of buying out the voice of the masses and confusing the intellectual ones still. 

As a radical Comrades and a member of Nigeria citizens Action Group, our schedule protests was cancelled and planned to join force with NLC. 

The masses were happy and I was thinking this NLC will shock me for the first time in history of my growing but if you keep throwing up a knife, it will never stand.

On the 27th of September 2020, many unions both Students and youths run under NLC to fight for the masses and to put their words in pen but it was over night that the NLC/TUC in conjunction expose the masses to long time sojourn pains. It is appollen to hope for freedom and at the end you get betray by who you call Messiah.

However, when the trend of fighting for the masses interest keep on shadowing, I see the light of REVOLUTION NOW unshaken and this is the only set who carried out the act of fighting for the masses and bringing to light the darkness of long time without fear and after a lot of threat and intimidation.

I give regards to SOWORE and his followers for a job Weldone by bringing to lime light what we need without fear, if NLC and our other great unions can emulate this act and heart of hero then we will have a great nation and will all be glad to celebrate our independence anniversary but today celebrating the independence anniversary is a nothing but a sober in melancholy.

The state of our Education is in dilemma, our people in the northern parts are not safe, our economic systems has been destabilize and our youths future has been shattered.

My level of activism as make me to understand that I only need to stand with those who are ready to liberate the people and not those who collect stipends and keep mute like nothing ever happened.

It's a great disaster to have enough resources but can't utilize it for the effective orderliness and betterment of the masses, today we are celebrating the Government of the Government by the Government and for the Government.

This is a press release and also a call to action for the masses to wake up and however Hoping NLC can change from their mode of sitting on the fence and do the needful always.

Those who were given much yesterday were no where to be found and tomorrow, you will be where no one will remember you but your good work will keep naming you up and down.


Comr S O Yusuf
President, Nigeria Citizens Action Group

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