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Face Your Legislative Duties And Stop Unguided Utterances Against Our Leaders - Irepodun Youth Warns Saheed Popoola

The attention of Irepodun youth has been drawn to a statement issue by Hon Saheed Popoola on a program IFOKANBALE ON HARMONY F.M on our Hon Olayemi Olateju Olabanji the Apc senatorial chairman and our Noble senatorial district in general, we found the statement as character assassination and disrespectful which we believe is not in anyway helping the ongoing peace process within the party, equally as well trianed youth of kwara south, we are never trianed to disrespect our elders and talk down on our senatorial district to achieve a cheap public sympathy.

Hon Olabanji is a respected leader who has been a two time house Assembly members and house of Representatives respectively and deserve the honour and respect of any reasonable and right thinking members of legislative family and the general public.

We therefore argue Hon Saheed Popoola to face his legislative responsibility in offa and stop un-sensored statement against our respected leaders in Irepodun and kwara south senatorial district as nobody has the Monopoly of unguided comments.

Hon sir, If you always preach party supremacy & discipline and on the contrary go on radio to insult your party senatorial chairman, leaders and elders, the people might not take your word seriously going forward.

Futhermore we expect Other local government to try and emulate the good leadership qualities of Irepodun leaders including Hon Olabanji for ensuring against all odd the party remian one in all the eleven wards and one local government executive and that all party activities are passing through the local government and ward party structure.

Finally we advice Hon Saheed Popoola to settle any difference he might be having with our senatorial district party structure and chairman in house and not on radio or in public space, as we still hold him in high esteem and he remain one of the shining light that we pray will not lose track and fame due to unnecessary misunderstanding.

We pray for an unconditional peace and unity in our party, Senatorial district and state.

May KWARA succeed

May AA Succeed.






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