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Birthday Message: Where I Stand -Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state has peneed an emotional message to celebrate his birthday, noting his stand in Kwara politics.

As part of his statement released to the press, Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo noted that he has found solace in the likes of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr and many others that fought without any political or recognizable office.

The statement in details;


A birthday Message by AKOGUN IYIOLA OYEDEPO on 13th August 2020.”, Is highlighted below.

“Today is 13th of August. It is my birthday. I celebrate with fanfare in decades and not annually. But not a year will be left to go by, without marking it with something: book launch, weddings for children, unveiling of projects of legacy perspectives, statements that will reiterate my political philosophy, etc. Today, I need to declare my stand on issues that are of immense value to my cause in politics, especially in Kwara State. I therefore use this auspicious occasion of this day not to wine and dine, but rather tell my friends, colleagues, fans, mentors, mentees, role models and political foes on where I stand on trending issues.”

“We may not be experiencing the best, but a milestone has been attained in the politics of Kwara State. What was wrong with yesterday was not only in the poor qualities and quantities of services provided by that uprooted regime. The feature of yesterday was politics of deception, politics without useful lessons in leadership as it was built on showmanship and arrogance. It was a politics that devalued all of us and provided for stunted developments. It did not pass the test of equity, fairness and justice in the heterogeneous Kwara State. We have removed the embarrassment that labelled all of us as worthless men and women without guts: men without balls that died in the face of tyranny arising from political manipulations. ”

“We are now at the threshold of real democratic experience. I know that henceforth as long as there will be democracy and elections in this state, peoples’ votes shall continue to count.”

“People that cannot see the difference between today and yesterday should look deeper than the surface. A family or an individual built yesterday, the people built today. A family sustained yesterday for years, the people of Kwara State cannot tolerate one man dominated ‘’democracy’’ any more. If today looks like yesterday, it is just like old ideas that takes sometimes to die. A people schooled and fed on the diet of democratic pretensions may not know that the music has changed and the tune too, must change. In the bowel of the ugliness of the present, a new Kwara is already born; we are only waiting to see and touch the actual manifestations of 2019 historical victory. Let me predict that democracy, not only in form but also in content will from now be the life style of the people of this state.”

“Appointments both at the federal and at the state levels should not be allowed to be the only measure of our success. In my adventure in politics thus far, I have my role models both within and outside Nigeria. Martin Luther King jr, fought against racial discrimination in United States of America. He fought so hard but never held political office. But the blacks still enjoy the fruits of his labour that refuses to become stale, long after his internment. When you remove the struggles of Revd Martin Luther King Jr, the history of USA is incomplete as it will lose its significant content. Nelson Mandela had a long walk to freedom, the lure of power did not inflame him to even go for a second term, not to talk of Nigerian infamous third term. Mandela, though a venerated and acclaimed world citizenship, he did not act like Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga who in a bid to make his tenure as long as his name, declared himself life President of Zaire now Democratic Republic of Congo. The long struggle that was not tainted with the love of power and office define Mandela’s place in history.”

“When we come back home, Obafemi Awolowo and Mallam Aminu Kano did not make it to the presidency of Nigeria, wherever political giants of Nigeria are counted, they are in the hall of fame. And Jesus Christ who is my Lord and savior held no political office, forever and ever he remains celebrated. In politics which is my own calling, I should imitate Christ. As for these present men and women in political authority, we wait for the verdict of history as the ex this and that are being judged today.”

“For not being in public office yet, I need no pity as I have lost nothing. I want people to be patient and watch the unfolding history in our state and the nation. I have resolved henceforth to continue to add value to myself and others. When we resolve to pursue a great cause, the success of which looks impossible; we need to know that the attendant conditions for the fulfilment of the objects of our desire will be hard and harsh. But that does not mean that we need to lay down our arms when the war is yet to be prosecuted to its historical logical conclusions. I call on all men and women of goodwill, especially the young ones that are not yet misguided to take a categorical stand that never, never, never shall we go back to yesterday.”

“My stand on Kwara is that we need a Kwara that will pass the test of equity, fairness and justice in all areas of our relationships. That perhaps is the only antidote to the prevailing harmony without love, development and unity. We should desire great impacts as a result of what we stand for than positions in government. Those that climb high will come down, it is only a good cause that positively affect the destiny of our state that will soar high and high. It shall not come down. We need impactful leadership. Together we should just work for that.”

“To those that wish me well or ill, on my birthday, I just say thank you all.”

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