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ADEP 2020: Beneficiary Sa'eed Yusuf Appreciates Ajuloopin

I like people who don't take life too seriously but who do take very seriously the gratitude for being alive.

Dear Hon. AbdulRaheem Tunji Olawuyi Ajuloopin,

I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for inventing this opportunities. Tagged :

Ajuloopin Digital Empowerment Project. "Towards Empowering 200 Young Entrepreneurs".

It was a wonderful experience learning from your team about your creative vision. And I also enjoyed having a chance to learn different skills;

- Mini Importation

- Graphic Design

- Social Media Marketing

- Customer Relationship Management.

I love that you're all so committed to your people ready to colloborate,and it was great to read some many people comments outside the classroom,sharing their experiences in a creative way across different social media platforms,that level of knowledge impacted during the online class, result in the best outcomes.

I was also excited to learn you're especially interested in creating Entrepreneurs.

This has always been one of my favorite types of projects. It's an area where I have great deal of experience.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity.I look forward to see you and your team In Sha Allah at the Physical Training.

May Almighty Allah make it easy (Aameen)


Prince Sa'eed Yusuf Adeoye

I am one of the beneficiary of ADEP 2020

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