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WAEC Vs 2020 Elections: Food For Thoughts

Following the continuous postponing of the West African Exams that is to be taken by final year students (SS3) of secondary schools in Nigeria and the intention of the government to go ahead with the elections to be held in Ondo and Edo state respectively where voter's would be needed to troop out in masses as it is the way of voting.

This issue has brought up a comparison of which is most important at the moment and which supersedes which, as some citizens of the country see the interest and efforts of the government more on the success of the elections than the efforts put to making the students try partake in the 2020 West African Examination.

Its is recorded that 1,590,173 sat for WAEC in 2019, so obviously as the population of Nigeria is known to be on increase, this year 2020, it will probably be something around that figure or more.

But these boys and girls will not write WAEC this year (2020) because of COVID, a reason which is generally acceptable.

But alas on the other hand, Edo State has 2,210,534 registered voters, while Ondo State has 1,822,346. Combined, both States have 4,032,880 registered Voters.

Still, elections will hold in both States this same year (2020) in spite of COVID.

Examination arrangements can be better optimized to enforce safety necessities; it will take ten times the effort to keep a polling unit orderly and safe.

A country's future can be deduced from how its leaders set priorities.

Kindly share your opinion and perspective on this matter.

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