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Indeed, A Sailor Is Always Fit To Paddle A Boat - Adetiba Is Representing

Sequel to the concluded 2019 general elections and way far back before the emergence of democracy in the 90's. The dividends of democracy has always been a weapon by the government fashioned against the masses.

 Hon. Adetiba-Olanrewaju Raphael Olalekan, a man with vast knowledge of democratic process and rightful propagation has always deemed it fit to free himself from the clusters of this cursed shackles. Countless of Representatives serving as seat warmers in the sacred Chambers has been witnessed  numerously  in recent days but Hon. Adetiba has once again proven himself different and worthy of his constitutional duty.

He is not a seat warmer, Hon. Adetiba is a  dedicated man to the legislative process which serve as the bulwark of democracy in our country. Giving back to the masses and  democratizing the interest of the people of Oke- Ero is his sole and viable agenda.

Being the Deputy Speaker of the 9th Kwara State House of Assembly, this rather should not seem coincidental or political. It is plainly as a result of his dedications to the legislative proceedings and his manners in upholding the assignments and proper representation of his people. Series of events has been staged whereby nothing comes to the mind of all constituents in Oke ero constituency except for his loyal allegiance in fulfilling his constitutional duties and responsibilities.

It should be noted and certified solely that Hon. Adetiba is a working representative breeding relentless efforsts in order to give better representation to the people of Oke-Ero and the better masses of Kwara as a whole. Further more, it should be acknowledged widely that Adetiba will remain unending in his struggle to keep on facilitating developmental projects and Infrastructures to community with no level of biasness and favourism involved.

On this note, we hereby urge the good people of Oke-Ero constituency to keep their believes and hope high with full confidence to enable Hon. Adetiba's progressive wishes to come true and touch the lives of all and sundry in Oke-Ero constituency. And to not recede from their everytime's prayer as the government of today lead by man of the people, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is for the best interest of the masses and the masses alone.

Ajiboye Femi
S.A Media, Deputy Speaker Office,
Kwara State House of Assembly.

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