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Heaven, Hell Is Real, Kwara Born Lady Who Saw Heaven And Hell Says

The veracity of the existence of heaven and hell has always been an alluring topic among spiritualists and philosophers but for Miss Eniola Bello Iyanuoluwa it is no longer a topic of debate as she has seen both with her own very eyes.

In an interview with Journalists recently the young lady narrated her experience and the events that led her to witness this rare sight.

The student footballer said she mistakenly stepped on charms last year and gradually her leg began to swell, she was taken to the hospital but later rejected because the leg was becoming worse. She later landed in the Offa General Hospital.

While stressing the need for everyone to run away from all forms of sins, she condemed in very strong terms fraudsters, popularly called Yahoo-Yahoo, drug abuse and other social vices and youthful exhubrances.

Butressing this, Eniola's mother, Mrs. Bello who was full of praises to God for touching her daughter and redirecting her back to the path of righteousness disclosed that her daughter had been a prayer piont for her father and herself.

For the full interview of both mother and daughter click below:

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