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Residents Of Biada Community In Ilorin Call For Government Attention

Residents of Biada Community in Olorunshogo, upper Gaa-Akanbi area of Ilorin has called on the attention of the Kwara State Government on the deplorable condition of the community bridge .

The Community in a press statement made available to this medium pleaded to the Kwara State Governor to look into the bridge as a matter of urgency before things get out of hands.

Press statement in details;

Do you remember a renowned prophet of God staying at Biada Road, Olohunsogo, Upper Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin, Kwara State. He was the Founder of a well known C&S church, Sioni. If you will recall very well, the man got drowned in the same river shown above.

The man died trying to save people from drowning. This bridge has been like this for years now, and the occupants has been begging the government to come their aids. 

The ministry of environment once came to take the picture, surveys and so on; but nothing came out of it. Now, the same river this man died protecting people from is gradually eating the structure this man suffered to erect. You can see the road tearing down bits by bits, before you know it, that place will become unmotorable for anybody. 

The church, the man's family, the entire biada community and every passerbys call on the government to please come to their aids before this bridge finally collapse, before what's left of this man of God's legacy is swept away by this river. 

They are sending a save our soul message to the government to please come swiftly to their aids they sincerely pray and hope this message gets to the state government as they'd tried every means known to them. 

God bless Kwara State, God bless Nigeria

Biada Community, Ilorin 
Kwara State. 

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