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12 Corps Members To Repeat Service Year In Kwara Says State Coordinator

Not less than 12 out of the 1, 077 corps that passed out on Thursday in Kwara are to repeat the service year for various offences committed during the service year.

NYSC State Coordinator in Kwara, Mrs Francisca Olaleye said this on Thursday during the low-key passing out parade at the state secretariat, Ilorin.

According to her, 10 corps members, who absconded from the national service, would repeat the entire service, in accordance to the NYSC bye laws.

Olaleye also said that another two that committed various offences that violated the NYSC bye laws were to repeat the service ranging from three to six months.

According to the state coordinator, these punitive measures would serve as deterrent to other members.

Olaleye also commended three of the outgoing members, who were awarded with the various categories of NYSC Honours Award.

She said the three corps members distinguished themselves exceptionally while on national service and they were rewarded according to the NYSC Act.

The state coordinator, who extolled the good virtues of the outgoing corps members in the State, charged them to be worthy ambassadors of the scheme.

According to her, their virtues of discipline, hard work, patriotism and obedience exhibited while on national service, were worthy of special commendation.

Olaleye commended the corps members for the qualitative services rendered to the people of Kwara.

According to her, the corps members were leaving indelible footprints behind in the state, especially in the area of Community Development Service (CDS).

“The various CDS projects, initiated and executed by the outgoing corps members, have gone a very long way to compliment the developmental efforts of the state government,” Olalelye added.

The state coordinator urged the outgoing corps members not to relent in their efforts, in exhibiting all the high moral values that helped them to achieve successes while on national service.

Apart from being worthy ambassadors of the NYSC scheme, the state coordinator urged them to always shun all those social vices that may easily jeopardize their success in life. (NAN)

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