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Kwara North APC Chieftain Debunks Alleged Misappropriation Of Campaign Funds

Alhaji Muhammad Kudus, the Kwara North campaign Director-General of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Malam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq in the 2019 general elections, has debunked alleged embezzlement of campaign funds.

Kudu, who denied the allegation in statement on Wednesday, June 24th in Abuja, said the allegation is fake and unfounded, adding that the allegation was intended to divert his attention from the “otoge’’ struggle.

The press statement in details;




1.My humble attention has been drawn to a recurring spurious and unfounded allegation of the so called Embezzlement of the Campaign Funds of the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Campaign Organisation for Kwara North that I had the honour to head as it was taken to a unique, resounding, heroic and historic electoral victory on the banners of our great party the APC in the annals of Kwara state politics.

2. At first when the allegation emerged in January 2019, I ignored it, not just because it was pseudo, faceless, unfounded and of NO substance, but because I also thought it was intended and indeed had capacity to divert my focused attention on the needed seemingly unachievable Victory to make our O TO GE struggle a reality for our generation, at least for the First time in the political evolution of our Dear state.

3. Even after the well deserved victories that we still savour - LIBERATION of Kwara for Kwarans, I kept throwing the fake allegations variously in to the trash bin where they rightly belonged. Particularly because  No right thinking person that was truly involved in our campaigns could believe such, and NO individual substantiated nor attached any face no matter how faint to the rumour mills.

4. I am however compelled at this juncture to respond to these devilish allegations now that it's being given some faintest faces by certain people in the our government as conveyed to me by the Directorators Media and  Publicity, and Associations in AACO KWARA NORTH Hon. MANZUMA ABDULMALIK KAWU DOGO and  Hon. SHAFIHI M. YUNUSA respectively.

The duo claimed that the Honourable Speaker of the Kwara state House of Assembly in company of other people that matter in our government confirmed some of these fallacious allegations as follows;

1.  that #39m for the launching the statewide Gubernatorial campaigns was embezzled

2. that Sensitisation Funds of #125m was also embezzled

3.  that AACO Campaign Funds of #500m was squandered

4. that Funds for Media and Publicity activities released was diverted

5.  that the  sum of #500m for the Elections activities was mismanaged.

6. that Campaign Stipends and daily Allowances for the Directors and members of the 14 Directorates during the campaign tours was stolen.

7. that Stipends and Allowances of 150,000 and 120,000 for each  of the Directors and members of the Directorates for the Election day exercises respectively were also stolen.

8. that the "Thank you Stipends" and or parting cash rewards of 150,000 and 120,000 for each of the 14 directors and members of the Directorates respectively were not delivered, amongst some other conjectures

As mentioned earlier, I am constrained by the urge and suggestions to straighten the records for posterity specifically from my families, friends, professional colleagues, well  wishers, followers in politics thus making the following clarifications regarding these filthy and unsubstantiable malignancies that would have been hitherto ignored;

1. the sum of #27m only was agreed with  the Gubernatorial candidate as he then was Alhaji AbdulRahman  AbdulRazaq, for the botched campaign kick  off slated  for Kosubosu  Baruten  LGA headquarters, of which a total  of #25m only was paid to my account in 3 tranches. Over 70% of the Funds were immediately disbursed and  for transportation, logistics and mobilisation of party members from the 16 LGAs of the state and  the State  Exco members, cooking, event planners, Media, security, entertainments, etc as agreed  through the various committees, and WERE  NOT RETRIEVABLE. The Balances therefrom was ploughed into settling the Campaign tours Coordination at the instances of the candidate himself (Alh. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq) when the tours commenced. Full records are still in place and can be made available.

Mention must be made here that through out the entire life of the Campaign Organisation under my humble watch,  this was the ONLY money that came to and through me from the candidate and now the Executive governor of Kwara state.

 2. the Sensitisation Funds  talked about was given  to Senator Mohammed Ahmed on my recommendation and  NEVER my humble self.

3. the Campaign Funds of #500 million insinuated  in  above is completely new to my knowledge  and records - I'm completely UNAWARE of any fund of that magnitude.

4. Media and Publicity Funds  - I'm also NOT aware of any  fund like that. I personally undertook the media expenses of my Zonal Campaign activities with the selected and verifiable media outfits because  of my extra commitments to the Victory and successes of O TO GE struggles.

5. Elections Funds of #500m  - Like  in 3 & 4 above I'm yet NOT aware  of any fund like that, I was however told that Senator Sadiq umar of Kwara North handled the Election Funds for the entire Kwara North, and NOT the AA Campaign office under my leadership. Even the Election Funds for my own Edu LGA was handed by Alh Tajudeen Audu (Makama Lafiagi) and NOT my humble self.

6. the Stipends for the Directors and members of the Directorates during the Campaign tours, Elections and the so called Appreciations or thank you cash as insinuated are entirely new to my knowledge and so NEVER in  my records.

Lastly, mention must be made here that I single handedly established and funded the ELECTIONS MONITORING TASKFORCE across all the 58 electoral wards of Kwara North and ALL the Fulani communities across the 3 Senatorial districts in  the state.

Finally, having made these clarifications compelled by the rumour  mills, I  CHALLENGE  any person(s) or group(s) with contrary information or details to please either make them public for my attention, or remain honourably mute for life.

It is my  wish and Prayers that the  sweet aromas  and euphoria that the O TO GE struggles ushered shall be sustained for the general good of Kwara and Kwarans.



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