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Gobir Transforms Okesuna Primary School

Okesuna primary school, Ilorin was founded in 1915, a year after the amalgamation of Nigeria, and has produced several eminent personalities including the 9th Emir of Ilorin Alhaji Zulukarnaini Gambari.

Barely three months after the adoption of the school by the Gobir Organization Foundation, the first phase of the renovation of the school has been completed. The first phase included provision of pipeborn water for the school and the surrounding community.

All the classrooms have been furnished to the highest standard.

In the past, students sat on the floor to receive tuition. Often, up to three classes were combined in one classroom. This made it difficult for children to learn. Some students that are enterprising come to school with hammers and nails to repair tables and chairs for their personal use.

A bore hole has been sunk, and water reticulated to different parts of the school. New toilets have also been constructed, putting an end to open defecation, which was the norm.

The entire school premises has been fenced and barbed wire installed to ensure security. Okesuna Primary School is located at a popular meeting point for violent gang members.

Finally, the whole school including all the classrooms have been renovated and painted.

The next phase of renovation will include provision of a befitting playground, gardens and other recreational facilities.

The school library and ICT center will be reconstructed and fully equipped. The school will also be provided with solar power, which will reduce reliance on the erratic power supply.

Reacting to the work done in the school, the Education Secretary of Ilorin East Local Government, Alhaji Abdulmalik Soliu applauded this giant stride by Waziri Yakubu Gobir and his Foundation. He described it as laudable and unprecedented in the community.

The chairman of Okesuna Community Development Association, Alhaji Usman Okesuna also commended Waziri Gobir for delivering on his promise within such a short period.

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