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One Year In Office: Deputy Speaker Rejoices With Governor AbdulRazaq

The Deputy Speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon. Adetiba-Olanrewaju Raphael felicitates with Governor AbdulRazaq on his one year in Office anniversary.

At a time when it was generally believed that one had to be a lowbrow, an incorrigible liar to be a politician, the successful businessman ventured into politics to improve lives yet, bucked at seeing people sacrificed for the sake of his ambition. It is a reason his life offers interminable lessons on the beauty and benefits of resolve, compassion, unpretentious generosity, humility, and family values.

For Kwara people, he came with the ‘Building the Future Together’ agenda has neither deviated nor dithered from exploring every avenue to attract growth and progress to the state; while he has been hands-on and virtually omnipresent in all areas of the state’s life with laudable policies and visible projects dotting its landscape.

"I wish to sincerely congratulate Governor ABDULRAZAQ ABDULRAHMAN on the occasion of his one year in office as the Executive Governor of Kwara State".

"Truly ABDULRAZAQ ABDULRAHMAN is a God sent to the people of Kwara State . Apart from media reports on several infrastructural, Equally distribution of appointments, Economic and Developmental initiatives of Governor ABDULRAZAQ ABDULRAHMAN scattered around the State, his vision and vocal point to make Kwara greater than he met it is a reflection of his daily struggles even with the dwindling resources available at his disposal".

"Within one year in office people  have witnessed the magnitude of His Excellency’s. As a member of Assembly, Governor is prepared to give us the best of inclusive governance at all levels, this is why all the arms of government in the State are solidly behind him".

we have watched what how some of the roads, schools and other public utilities that were left unkempt and abandoned across the state came back to life within his first term.

As you enter your second term in office we urge you to continue with the on going infrastructural developments across the state. We most sincerely pray you not to renege on your promises to deliver on welfare to the 16 local  governments so that our people can sustain the unity of purpose of  Kwara State to improve on the quality of life in Kwara State. The great people of Oke-Ero really appreciate our leader, our Governor on different appointments and developmental projects we enjoyed". Said Adetiba

Let us all consistently pray for ABDULRAZAQ ABDULRAHMAN so that we can continue to enjoy more success in Kwara.

Once more Congratulations.

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