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Kwara PDP Delivers A Hopeful Easter Message Urges Populace To Cooperate With Gov't

As Easter, a holy celebration that epitomizes love and sacrifice is upon us, let us use the occasion for self atonement especially at this trying times. Especially as we are engaged in a battle like never before with an invisible enemy.

This year's celebration will however be different because of the dreaded coronavirus. We will not be able to come together to celebrate the occasion in Churches or even in our homes as we usually do by hosting friends and family members. It's a reflection of the signs of the times. Do not despair. This too will pass.

We must acknowledge the doctors, nurses and medical workers who are at the front line saving lives. We appreciate the job they are doing despite the poor motivation and incentive by the present administration in the state.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on preventative measures, the AA led administration has concentrated it's effort on baseless rethorics and false narratives to justify its lacklustre performance in every facet of governance and most importantly the lack of transparency in the handling of the covid-19 issue in the state.

We must thank the traditional rulers, religious leaders and the public for their prayers and support as we navigate this Coronavirus pandemic.

We implore the populace to cooperate with the government by observing the rules of social distancing, reporting symptoms, washing of hands and practicing good personal hygiene, with this, our state and nation will come out of this and life will return to normal.

May this Easter mystery deepen our faith, hope and believe that soon and very soon the chicken will soon  come home to roost"

Happy Easter!

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