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Kwara: Deploying Traditional Knowledge In Tackling Insecurity

By Kayode AbdulAzeez 

“The educated ones does not know the way, while, we that knows the ways were not giving serious attention in fighting insecurity”

The above statement was credited to the representative of the vigilante group in kwara state that spoke at the security dialogue programme organised by the Kwara state government in a way to strengthen the security apparatus of the state.

Criminality anywhere in the world can be traced to a particular community or society and it always starts with an individual with a devilish mind before such an individual will eventually find like-mind persons and form then gang of tormentors.

The analogy is simply to buttress the statement of the head of the vigilante group, quoted above. Yes, the Baba was right. Traditional security groups, commonly called vigilante deserve to be taken serious by any government that truly ready to tame the menace of insecurity in any society or state. Reason is not far fetch.

They are most times, the products of their community with details information about people living in that community and they know every nook and crannies of that particular area. This is more so, especially in places such as jungles that always serve as breeding ground for outlaws among young persons with potential for big criminal or even terrorist activities.

Although there are some cases where that potential criminal person would eventually moved away from his area, when he discovered that he could not be able to exhibit that criminality attitude at his brought up environment, most time the first calling state to such person is Lagos and some might even decided to remain in their state but only relocated to a different environment.

One have to applaud the Kwara state government for organised such an important security summit at this period of time, when many concerned residents in the state have started expressing concerns over what will be the security situation of a state that is presently recognised as the most peaceful in North central, if not across the country in not long future, due to the newly introduced operation Amotekun in neighbouring Southwest states that share boundary with Kwara (Oyo, Osun and Ekiti States)

Another potential security threat to the state of harmony is ban of Okada riders in many areas in Lagos state by that state government. Already, some some states in the are already feeling the effect of that decision by the numbers of Okada riders that have relocated to their states since a day the ban was pronounced in order to continue their business.

It is important to note that the rate of criminality that was being perpetrated with Okadas was part of the reasons the Lagos state government gave before it banned Okada riding in some selected areas of the state.

It is important for the kwara state government led by Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq to give priority attention and consideration to the report of the Security Dialogue Summit, considering the quality of contributions of the people that participated in that event, as well as the level of their readiness to support the state government in ensuring the state continues enjoy peaceful atmosphere.

More importantly, government must not underestimate the capacity and intelligence of traditional security groups in fighting insecurity as it has nothing to do with the level of western education.

Nigeria security agencies also deserve accolades, considering the level of proactiveness they displayed at that event. Notably, many people at the event were more convinced about the activities and intelligence work of the security agencies in maintaining the peaceful society.

One of the height of the event was the Commissioner of Police and Director of DSS had to made their direct phone numbers available to the public to call them on at anytime they perceive any suspicious move by anybody in their areas. The Commissioner of Police’s number is 08022908922, While Director of DSS number is 09060000566. They both assured the people of confidential of their identity and information given to them.

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