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Ile-Arugbo: Saraki Family Fails To Present R Of O Nor C Of O In Court

...Begs Kwara Govt To Help Save Face

As it turned out today in court, Saraki family pleads for longtime adjournment to withdraw case begs Kwara State government for out of Court settlement.

Despite threatening fire and brimstone and Saraki family claiming ownership of the land in various media statements it appears the Saraki family in collaboration with Asa Investment do not even possess R of O not to talk of C of O.

The Saraki family pleaded for a long time adjournment as their lawyer failed to present neither R of O or C of O at today's Court sitting only for them to seek out of Court settlement with the government despite taking the government to Court hurriedly.

Reliable sources have it that the government hands are now tight as the Saraki family, instead of making a case in Court ended up pleading for out of Court settlement, begging the government to make use of the Civil Service land illegally acquired by Asa Investment and consider giving them another land to save the Saraki family's face.

And given that that was always going to be the case, a responsible person who knows well he has no right to the property would keep his mouth shut.

By the latest display, Saraki once again exhibits his ignoble nature and proves that lack of moral and humanity is his permanent way of life.

It is from the broken heart of a deprived citizen that I look at this matter, and from such perspective that I put this news forward to you.

As someone who has known no overnight wealth, I imagined what abyss Kwara would have been plunged into were these deadbeats left to continue to be at the helm of our affairs.

Despite being born with a silver spoon, given the chance to rule our state and make stupendous wealth out of us, Saraki family thinks nothing of our property should be ours at all.

For a man who does not own a property but goes to court to claim it, his shamelessness knows no bound.

For a man who mismanaged so much of our wealth going by how much properties have been recovered by our present government these last few days, this man is so heartless.

Forgive me for this one time from deflecting from the system of journalism for a bit and behaving like a normal human.

May the likes of Saraki never be our leader again.

After series of begging for longtime adjournment by Saraki family's lawyer which the government's lawyer has no control on the Ile-Arugbo case was finally adjourned to March 2nd 2020 by the presiding Judge.

Abdulakeem Bashir writes from State High Court, Ilorin.

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