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Kwara First Lady Urges PANOBA To Help Nigerian Students

The Kwara State First Lady, Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq, has urged PANOBA, a UNITED KINGDOM EDUCATION AND LIFESTYLE ORGANISATION operating in Nigeria and United Kingdom, to extend their Corporate Social Responsibility to help indigent students in Nigeria.

"I enjoin Panoba to support social responsibility by helping to improve our schools through their expertise and incorporate brilliant indigent students who may not have the opportunity to travel in your schemes,” Mrs AbdulRazaq said at an event hosted by the Panoba United Kingdom Education and Lifestyle in the capital city Abuja at the weekend.

"I believe this would endear parents to Panoba United Kingdom education and lifestyle; assured  that the educational needs of their children will at all times get the best of advice, attention, and service.

"With a level of service that is remarkable Panoba UK education and lifestyle has been able to make imprints through its trustworthiness, discretion, and topnotch professionalism."

Mrs AbdulRazaq said education is the bedrock of any human civilisation and every parents would love to give their children the best academic exposure available in order to secure their future.

She, however, said the best shot for children from poor homes is for agencies like Panoba to offer them the platform to access scholarships and other less costly study options.

"The future of the children is one that is very paramount and of concern to every parent in this part of the world, hence parents tend to invest hugely towards the success of their children,” Mrs AbdulRazaq said.

"Being the bedrock of success, investment in one’s children’s education is often seen as one that best secures the future of such child. It is in this wise that parents always strive to ensure that their children get the best of education, albeit at reasonable cost.

"Through this meeting, therefore, I am optimistic that parents would be availed of possible prospect of securing placements for their children in their choice schools and colleges in the United Kingdom.

"This also will save them valuable time which would have hitherto been spent on surfing the internet for reliable services such as the one being provided by Panoba.

"I understand that Panoba United Kingdom education and lifestyle connects the United Kingdom and Nigerian school sectors to enrich education, promote global citizenship, and build international trust and understanding among their clients.”

Her Excellency in her speech, also asked the consultants of PANOBA to come to Kwara to see what areas they can lend their expertise to.

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