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Kwara Lawmaker Save-life Of 16-years Boy

...Donates blood, cleared his Hospital Bills.

Kwara State Lawmaker, Hon. Owolabi Razaq, Honourable representing Share/Oke-Ode constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly has save life of a 16 years old boy, Musa Abdulquadri. 

Hon. Owolabi, the Chairman House Committee on Health, who was on official visit to the state owned General Hospital in ilorin, on Thursday donated his blood and cleared the hospital bills of Musa Abdulquadri who was hospitalised at the hospital. 

Hon. Owolabi during inspection of the hospital facilities stumbled on Musa Abdulquadri in Ward 1 of the hospital, who was in a state of sympathy, in need of blood and finance assistance. 

While addressing the press, the lawmaker expressed his sympathy for the little boy, and he said he felt worried at the state he met the little boy which made him to do what he did.

"it was so pathetic the state I met the little boy, that I can't do anything than to asked the nurses what is the need of the little boy and I was told he is in need of blood and money. And the saying that he who you is capable of helping, you should be of help to them... This makes me to give in myself as donor to support the little Musa to regain his fitness." He said.

The lawmaker further lauded the professionalism of the nurses and the hospital laboratory workers. He said "I am highly impressed with their services and for the professionalism they exhibited".

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