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Alumni Group Apprised Governor Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman On The Nomination Of Joana Kolo As Commissioner

The Alumni Association of Library and Information Science Department of the University for Community Development, Kwara State University (KWASU) which has its members as professionals of Librarianship,  Informatics and Technologies has without any reservation appreciate the Executive Governor of Kwara State for the choice of Miss Joana Kolo to be among his cabinet members. The association posited in their statement issued on Friday 20th of September, 2019 said the nomination marked and sent a significant signals to the populace of the readiness of the Governor to involve the youth in decision making and taking in the state.

Similarly, the association relayed that her appointment after confirmation by Kwara State House of Assembly would be representing number of groups and categories of Kwara Populace ranging from the youths, Librarianship and Information professionals, educationists, Media professionals and community developers.

The leader of the Association, Abdulrafiu Olatunji Ibrahim, said we are confident that the nominee will surely deliver in the state assignments and responsibilities relating to her academic background, and for the fact that she has passed through rigorous process of  academic training in the World Class University and the University for Community Development.

Another key member of the group Jaji, Kazeem in his opinion said " I want to describe the Governor as a leader whose aim is to truly and sincerely have the government in the hands of the youths and to eradicate gender imbalance in government".

The group therefore congratulates  commissioner nominee and assured her of their unalloyed support and pray the Lord Almighty guide and guard her in all her future endeavour, and a successful tenure in office.


 Ibrahim Ikeoluwa
Ag. Publicity Secretary

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