Saraki Abandoned His People; Stops Reconstruction Of Agbaji Central Mosque

Aftermath of the last general election, where the erstwhile senate president, Abubakar Bukola Saraki suffered an unprecedented but predicted defeat, had dealt a big blow to his loyalists. While the then Godfather's ancestral community is not left out, the ex senate president had since election loss pocketed his "kind gestures".

Agbaji community, the community senator Bukola Saraki was believed to have hailed from was blessed by the then Leader with a multimillion Naira worth of
Mosque to be reconstructed. Unfortunately, the reconstruction of the said mosque had suffered a huge set back since Saraki lost his bid to return to the red chamber. The mosque was confirmed to be under reconstruction after barely six years (6years) of neglect by Saraki despite the community had previously contributed close to Ten Million Naira (#10,000,000) worth of funds. But the reconstruction had inexplicably suffered another set back that had seen contractors off the worksite once again.

Our investigative reporting has it that no work was done on the Agbaji Central Mosque since Bukola Saraki's loss in the last election. The mosque had been abandoned. Also, the community association organized a prayer session for the former Senate president for the successful completion of his tenure and perhaps to remind him of the mosque's negligence. Again, the Leader was inexplicably absent.

Could it be that Saraki is yet to recover from his election loss?

"It's a Lie. Statements like that, are merely political statements. The Leader, Dr. Bukola Saraki didn't abandon us neither did he abandon the mosque. Although, persecution from his political enemies and Federal government is truly affecting his performances, but we had prayed over it. Here we are now, he has been vindicated and come out clean." Said by one Alhaji Baba when responding to our reporter.

Another person who spoke to us on the basis of anonymity said; "I think they stopped working around November, 2018. We earlier thought they were going for New Year holiday but until now, we are yet to see them do anything on the mosque."

A woman who also spoke to us in vernacular said: "Bukola Saraki is a good person and he is taking good care of us. I want Allah to make him president".

Our efforts to interview the chief imam of Agbaji community was proved abortive. And the president of the community association was not available neither.

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