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PRP Threatens To Expose Northern Governors If They Insist On Holding Summit In Canada

The People’s Redemption Party, (PRP) is threatening to demand details of what gains accrued to the North as a Region and to Nigeria as a Nation should the 19 governors of the Northern states insist on going ahead with its plan to hold a summit on agriculture and related issues in Canada. 

“The PRP will announce to Nigeria and the North details of the wastage that would be sure to have accrued. The PRP will keep tabs now and in the future on how the trust of the masses is treated by these Emperor Governors and their lackeys”, the party added in a statement by Alhaji Falalu Bello, the party’s National Chairman.

The first shot of disapproval for the planned summit is not only calling such a trip a jamboree but also a crime against the people of Nigeria in general and those of the North in particular which it says is objectionable at a time the region is enveloped in absolute poverty and generalized insecurity.

While conceding that such a summit of the Northern Governors would have been strategic if properly and appropriately handled, the Chairman says holding it in Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi or on the Mambilla Plateau of Adamawa/Taraba axis or even the Falgore Games Reserve of Kano rather than in Canada would have been a powerful statement. 

The alternative would have been to hold it at Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State which would have been a way of making a strong statement showcasing how a Ranch in full bloom has already been established and proved to be a worthy venture, with recorded commercial value, he said.

“We are together with the majority, the millions of Nigerians whose resources are being wasted by our Governors in the guise of seeking foreign investments and learning of new ideas, issues that are best handled locally with local brains and ideas, in conducive local environments available” Alhaji Falalu who is also the Danmasanin Zazzau told the governors.

Declaring PRP’s loud, clear and vehement rejection of any such jamboree in Canada or any foreign land by any or all of our governors, the party Chairman rather suggests the governors hold such a summit but at home, arguing that such a summit would provide them time to critically address key factors compounding the deteriorated state of Nigeria, particularly the North. According to the statement, such a summit will avail the governors opportunity to address other critical issues that may not necessarily have been placed on the table thus far, as a matter of urgency. 

It lists such to include a holistic and informed position on education, in tune with the recent Presidential directive on free and compulsory education for the first nine years of schooling for all Nigerian children, tackling the recurring problem of the Almajiri system of education left to stagnate in the past while also serving as an opportunity to engage relevant stakeholders in the communities where the brunt of these insecurity challenges are felt most.

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