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Kwara Lawmakers Not Involved In Street Fight, Assault Of Tenant –Residents

  • as lawmaker denies beating tenant, says peddling falsehood against him would not stop him from demanding payment of his two and a half years tenancy rents, over N220,000 electricity accumulated bill and vacation of his property by the PDP thug cum tenant, as undertaken by the tenant with Police. 

The internet was hit on Saturday, 27th of July and the story centered on a scenario reportedly enacted on the 17th of July , 2019 at the Tanke area of Ilorin , the Kwara state capital.

Different versions of what transpired have been promoted on social media with accusations and counter-accusations flying from one end to another.

This medium gathered that a serving member of the Kwara state House of Assembly, Hon. Ganiyu Abolarin from Ekiti constituency who owns a building in Tanke area, was on the fateful day accompanied to the place by a colleague lawmaker, Hon. Razaq Owolabi, following prior complaints from some of the residents and co-tenants.

 The said residents, we learned , had called the attention of the lawmaker to a development and requested that what they allegedly considered questionable activities of a tenant, Saheed Ogundokun, should be investigated.

A source told our correspondent, that what was previously promoted on social media was a jaundiced account. ‘What happened was that unusual activities were noticed and as expected some people in the area informed the landlord. It was alleged that apart from unmarked vehicles that had been coming to drop the tenant in several instances, moaning noises are usually heard from his apartment by neighbours and judging by the tone and the rhythm, it was suggestive of possible homo sexual practices.

The landlord asked the neighbours to inform him once they notice that the guys are around. And on the 17th of July, sequel to being notified, Ganiyu who is a member of the state house of assembly instructed his younger brother to run post hastily to the place with the mandate to ensure the occupants of the apartment allow him access, demand for years of tenancy rent unpaid, over N200,000 accumulated electricity bill and confirm if truly they were involved in social oddities.

Surprisingly, they refused to open the door and denied him access a development that prompted the lawmaker to proceed to Tanke in company of a colleague, Hon. Razaq Owolabi. On getting there , the two lawmakers knocked at the door several times and yet there was no response , they consequently got in touch with police officers at the F Division of the Nigeria police, Tanke.

Three policemen were sent from the Area F police station, Tanke, who eventually on arrival forced them to open the door and four hefty looking guys were met at the apartment. Though nothing incriminating was found there aside an unmarked Toyota Camry car, the presence of the four men together there raised questions and pointed to earlier suspicions.

Even though, the man at the centre of the hullabaloo, Saheed Ogundokun, had resisted arrest by the policemen, they were eventually arrested and driving down to the Area F Police station.

Everybody left for the F Division and while there the landlord tabled his reservations and also complained about the fact that the tenant was owing rent of over two and a half years with accumulated electricity bill running to over N200,000, which had led to Power Company disconnecting the power supply to the building.
He said, despite several unfulfilled promises to pay up.

The tenant, Saheed Ogundokun, signed an undertaking with the police, to pay up the rents and vacate the property by the end of the month of July.

It was curiously surprising however, when concocted stories later began to fly around’ towards the end of the month of July, the same time, he had signed an undertaken with the police at Area F Police station, to pays up and vacate the property.

A resident of the area, who pleaded anonymity said it was worrisome that anybody could paint the lawmakers in a bad light. ‘It will be immoral for them to exchange blows with someone owing tenancy rent since fight would not pay the said rents. I know they cannot be involved in such.

It was stated in the fabricated story published by an online medium that the lawmakers were accompanied by their security orderlies, but everybody in Kwara knows that only the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker have security men attached to them, so the issue of the lawmakers going with orderlies was a mere conjecture as thenonky security men at the scene were those invited by the lawmakers from Area F, to effect the arrest of the men illegally occupying the property.

A resident said, "I was told they only invited police officers from the F Division to get the guys arrested for questioning it will certainly be unreasonable and impossible for the lawmakers to start beating them when the policemen had arrived to pick them up", he said.

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