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"OMU-ARAN MARKET At A Glance" More You look, More You See! - Small Imam Adedayo Adefikayo

I contradict the "oyinbo" adage and I speak in in irony that the more your eyes glare the more they See. At this market, you will be embedded, with astonishment,, that what u see make u stand still. If care is not mindful I, u ll be confused on what to buy. SIMPLY BECAUSE OF VARIETIES!!

This market that was established at the inception of omu-aran township about 650years ago stands firmly at the heartbeat of omu-aran in her highest altitude. Situated precisely via oke-esa, okeki, okore and imolekere land in her extension is a market to consider.

It's stragetically cited to serve all the nooks and crannies of omu-aran township with ease.our forefathers are wise!

This developing market that is being patronized by people from all walks of life -ibo, hausa, fulani, Yoruba and the surrounding villages remains unbeatable and formidable as far as market activities is concerned in today's Nigeria. In our today's political constituency, it remains the only major commercial market.

But this market men and women and her patronized suffer major amenities --no toilet, no ATM stand nor bank, and most especially no credit facilities for d stakeholder.

These market people paid dues but to whose account? Fake ticket had been issued to them in the previous past, and that's why I think LG cannot come to there aid

This market need to be refurbished and her people be empowered to soften the economic situation commercially.

Small Imam Adedayo Adefikayo

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