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LOLA ASHIRU A SLAP TO KWARA South - Kwara South Movement

kwara South Movement   call on the attention of Architect Lola Ashiru, senator representing kwara South. On placement of vacancies for his legislative aides to the public.

 It is a direct attack on to your personality and ridiculed to your constituency in general. The action orchestrated by Senator Lola Ashiru show how incompetence  he was, by openly humiliating  kwara southerners to the public molestation.

Kwara South is blessed with abundance wealth of knowledge with educational backgrounds. We are well known with creative ideas which others district tapped from it, we are people of integrity, honesty and trustworthy,  exceptional amongst others.

It is a big slap to kwara southerners to see such humiliated placement of vacancies which was not even restricted to kwara South alone.

Senator Lola has shown the Spirit in him to the people of kwara South, he has failed his people by selling them cheap to the public domain, he Abase us for public ridiculed.

None of kwara central or kwara North  make any public advertisement for the position of legislative aides to the public. They make a selection based on competent and recommendation.

Kwara South Movement call your attention to look at the people that stood behind you during the hard time. Many ceded their lives for you to win the election , many peg out for you during the struggle.

Why can't you consider those who were killed because of you and look for competent person from their family and appoint them as  your legislative aides.

Senator Lola Ashiru, are you giving room for saraki students of political thought to occupy your office since the appointment is not only restricted to kwara South?
We are surprised whether people from other constituency voted for you apart from our people from kwara South.

You should be a custodian of history, you want history to repeat itself from your mistakes, this is exactly what Senator Rafiu Ibrahim did. He went outside his constituency to appoint his legislative aides.

The frivolous act of making advertisement for position of legislative aides is uncalled for and a dent to kwara Southerners.

Therefore, regress the advert and look for competent people as your legislative aides in kwara South. We hope you will make a quick decision and adjustments for future reference.

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  1. Nonsense write up I guess this is the writer playing opposition