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Kwara South Movement Tasks Abdulrahman For Good Governance

Kwara South Movement celebrate democracy day with Governor of kwara State, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq entreat him for good governance.

The movement expressed their concerns about the situation in the state left by the last administration. They urged the governor to cleared off all the superfluous On his desk.

They advice the governor and his teams to be wary of putting blames on the last administration. Kwarans voted for AA Enmass because they know that last administration was full of deceit.

It is time for governance not blames of predecessors, though they are the one that makes us to be where we were today.

kwarans are hoping to see the real change with this new administration because their expectations is too high to this government.

Kwara South Movement commend the governor for bringing ends to shortage of water supply in the state and by clearing the debt owes by maigida administration. They hope that water cooperation would sustain with the new formation led by the new government.

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