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Kwara South Movement Applauds Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq For Appointing Technocrats As Members Of His Cabinent

Kwara South Movement Applauds kwara state governor, Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for breaking the jinx out of political appointment.

The group commends his brave first step of appointing technocrat into his government. They also pray to Almighty Allah to protect,  gives him Wisdom and strength to serve the good people of kwara state.

The appointment of Rafiu  Ajakaiye as a chief press secretary to kwara state, is a hope to kwarans and for kwara South.

The group urge the new appointees to see kwara state as a project for all kwarans but not only for their family and cronies.
They should know that power is a transient.

People expectations on them is very high, they should not allow  political prebendary's to lead them astray. Kwara project should be their focus at every point in time.

The group Lauded the governor for appointing people based on merit not by influence from any god fathers or by political compensation.

They Appeal to  the governor to see kwara state as a project for all kwarans. The dividend of democracy in kwara state should not be on party benefits because he is a governor to kwara state not only to his party.

We also implore him to see power as a transient, and know that four years would soon be like yesterday. The governor should stay away from praise singers and make sure he fulfilled his campaign promises.

Youth inclusive in government is very crucial because youth are the national builders. The Governor should give youth the chance to form if not up 50% to his cabinet then a sizeable number.
We have youth that are exception in all fields of specialization in kwara state.

The physical challenge people should be considered and they should be among those who would form his cabinet in kwara State.

Kwara state is blessed with people from different divergence and together we can make a better kwara. May Almighty God make the Governor and all those that would form his cabinet succeed

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