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Kwara Gov Visit On Strike KWCOET Lafiagi; Promises A Fresh Start

The executive governor of Kwara State AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq today visited the Kwara College of Education Technical, Lafiagi where he met with displeased and on strike staffs of the institution. The governor who has been visiting major sectors in the state to ascertain the level of rot and what needs to be done to salvage the situation.

It is worthy to note that the Technical college is one of the state owned institutions which  commenced strike during the last administration claiming neglect and years of government failure to take responsible actions.

While interacting with the governor, the staffs of the college which comprises of both teaching and non teaching staffs complained bitterly about what they have gone through in the past years and the deplorable state of the college's learning infrastructures.

 They laid their grievances before the governor and seek to partner him in giving the institution a new look and a fresh start.

Taking a colossal look at their complaint, it can be seen that it's not far from the truth as major learning infrastructure are either dilapidated, half done or not exitsing at all.

 Apart from physical structures, the internal weight of the college is shaky as they have not been able to renew their accreditation for over 5 years which is making things though for them and their graduates certificates questionable. Not forgetting the not to behold hostel accommodation of the students.

In his words, Governor AbdulRazaq stated that in his first 20 days in office, he has taken it upon himself to visit each sectors and fine tune ways to get them working again. While promising to get their accreditation back quickly in order to allow them produce tested and trusted graduates. He also admonished them to get back to work and be more effective as he is promising to clear whatever might pose as a challenge to this quest with time but requires their trust and patience to get Kwara working again in all aspects.

Abdulrazaq also promised to end the strike embarked upon by all state owned tertiary institutions within the next few days.

While admonishing them on the need to think deep, the governor stressed the need to build confidence in the process so that the state can be a centre of greatness and return back to her glory days.

Governor AbdulRazaq also took time to sincerely explain the fact that there is limited funds to cater for all sectors, but he is willing to get the work done irrespective of the financial hurdles as with little a lot can be done if they can trust his government whole heartedly.

However, the governor has promised to hold brief with relevant stakeholders in the coming days so as to draw up a realistic agreement that will see an end to the endemic strike and problem facing state owned tertiary institutions as the commitment of all stakeholders in education will be needed throughout his administration to stop the perpetual shameful strike action of the past administrations.

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