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16 Local Governments Chairmen Suspension A Misplaced Priority

Kwara South Movement condemned the unlawful process of suspending all the 16 local government chairmen in kwara state.
Let us start by saying that the Kwara ruling party in of no different from the condemned previous administration with some of her current actions as per governance but to avoid being beating around the bush let us quickly go to the current issue of suspension of 16 local government chairmen in the State.

Suspending the service chairmen is of no use at this present situation, this is a time for you to be more focused than diverting your attention unnecessarily, good governance is expected to be your utmost priority and not puppet actions you are taking currently.

Mr. Governor sir, do you know you're elected basically to change the status quo and the question is are you capable of handling Kwara State at this very moment? Are you passionate about changing the lives of kwarans? What type of leadership is yours? Did you came onboard to fight back or to govern?

No matter what might have happened in the governing process of our dear state mustn't be an hindrance for you to forge ahead, all we can see now is visitations from one place to another which is necessary to know where to tackle the very long time problems on the land but why the suspension of a whole executive arm of government not one not two but the whole sixteen LGAs to me it seems you don't have clear vision of what you are elected to come and do.

Be careful of sycophants around you who are there for your downfall, finish you and disappear the way they did to the man before you in the Kwara Political affairs.

Then to the KWHA please stop acting as theatre Practioners who is acting on script, be more educated of your duties which is Law making in fact we are happy because you're one of the most youngest Assembly in the history of Kwara State but it seems you are all acting based on the script given to you, mind you we don't want revenge politicking in our state, come out with clear agenda and act on the necessary things and not all this ones you are busy doing, people called you puppets and so you are acting as one.

This is the Assembly where we have different people with different opinions and sycophants who are seeking unnecessarily recognition and stomach infrastructure, if others including the speaker is behaving childish what happened to the elders among them, if I don't know all I knew that of amiable Honorable Saheed Popoola and Hon. AGF, please we are watching you, do what is necessary and not what will benefit you and theives around you. We'll continue to talk against any abnormalities in the present administration.

May Kwara Succeed under AA.

Hon. Sulaiman Ibrahim Ajibola

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