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UPDATE: Industrial Court Describes Termination Of Dr. Alao's Appointment By KWASU As Illegal

Dr. Ayotunde Alao 

Following the news published by this medium early hour of today "a case between Kwara State University (KWASU) and Dr. Ayotunde Alao of mass communication department. 

Here is the full details on the story;

National Industrial Court Akure declares the termination of appointment of Dr Ayotunde Alao of mass communication department and the Assistant secretary of ASUU, KWASU unlawful and illegal and should be reinstated within 30days and all entitlements paid as well as all promotion fully granted. 

Dr Alao whose appointment was terminated in October 2016 after several unfounded allegations of extortion, threat to student's life and immoral behavior was leveled against him.

The judge in her ruling this morning, stated that the termination was unlawful and failed to follow due process. She then gave the defendant (Kwasu) 30 days to reinstate the claimant (Dr Alao) and ensure that all entitlement and promotion due is accorded to him. And he should be paid his full entitlement from the day of his termination to the day he is reinstated.

Reacting to this development, The ASUU Chairman KWASU Branch Dr Adeshola Dauda said this is a victory not only for an individual but for the entire ASUU body. 

Dr Ayotunde Alao was the assistant secretary of ASUU Kwara state university branch before his termination from service and series of incidents had occurred as a result of his involvement in union affairs which the university management vehemently frowned against.

The case which had been in court since February 2017 eventually came to an end today the 21st of may, 2019.


  1. It is absurd to pay severance allowance upfront in a state where gratuity to retired civil servants ate unpaid 7 or more years after retirement.

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