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The Vanity Of Tenured Lifespan And The Dangerous End Of Power Bustle - Hon. Benjamin Dairo Oyinloye

Hon. Benjamin Dairo Oyinloye

According to research and documentations from the ancient books, King Solomon, the man commonly described as the wisest man in the world, died around the age of 60. Before he died, he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In truth, his life was filled with exploits of splendours, because, report has it that he fought no war.

In the midst of the luxury of this splendours, he was inspired to write the book of Eclesiates where he aphoritically described the whole scenes of mankind account as VANITY and this is the lesson in life.

Aside from being the wisest man in the world, he was also the richest man, report has it that his peak net worth was around $2 trillion (£1.42trn). Of note was the report that he usually received 25 tons of gold for each of the 39 years of his reign, which would be worth billions and trillions of hard currency today.

The concern of this article was not the character of Solomon but the lesson of Solomon. If a man would be led in his early search of relevance in life to kill 22,000 cattles and 120 sheeps as a means of worship at the temple celebration to God only to turn back on the essence of that life and condemned it all as VANITY, then their is a lesson in view.

The Nigeria's political fate is a lesson and the Kwara appendage aptly called for this timely exercise, in this month of Rammaddan, perspectives are allowed to be ignited because of the deep root of Muslim sanctification exercise. I make bold from my review that, the foolishness and shallowness of Nigeria's political characters are the undoing of our economic, social and political albatross.

In the reference of this topic above, I had been troubled by the unpopular and liability loaded legacy of this outgoing Government of Alh. Farah Ahmed who pointedly on many occasions of engagement had choose to rob the back and as well as massage the palm of his political validator for eight years. He did all this at the cost of many people's life yet without remorse.

Many business were shutted-down on account of environmental negligence and this is attested by many breathing related death on the aisle of reach of many new road opening under Governor Fatah and Senator Bukola sixteen years reign. The Olunlade Road and that of the Underpass is a quick reference in view, what about the many household that was shut-down on account of excruciating poverty, road accident that could have been averted by mere face dressing and the absence of quality medical care among others.

In few days time, the term "former" Governor of Kwara State will become effective and the biggest looser will no longer be the Kwara's citizenry nor the death Kwaran on account of bad governance but the Governor.

Macbeth in the thick of the quilt of conscience after he had murdered King Duncan conceded the gain of thrones to the baseline of humanity when he says "Macbeth has murdered sleep and Macbeth shall sleep no more" and indeed the tide of time catched up with him when he died in the hand of Malcolm - a man that was not born of a women but was removed from her mother's bowel through scissors and cut objects.

I am of the opinion that Kwara's is politically liberated from the curse of a dynasty but there are so many irritating absurdity that must not be left to chance. The laws of the land are alive on all counts in this direction to effect a remedy but God Almighty will not watched the horrible past of Kwara's governance aloof!.

The end of the road is here, it's indeed a bitter one because, the only people who may fail the emotional test of a sudden exit will be the beneficiary of the winding Government. Governor Fatah Ahmed was obsessive with ephemeral bearing of power by denying the yearning and the wishes of the patrimony of powers in Kwara to the loyalty of a mono lateral power.

He served the interest of Senator Bukola Saraki for his eight years in power and day break is here.  The consequences of turning against the aspiration of the trustee of people are large and very loom. It will unfolds in quatum folds and there won't be free will net of succour.

Life is a transition, life is vanity but the self nominated leaders refused to tow the path of decorum wherever their favoured in high position of authority. At every stages of power hierarchy in Nigeria, there abound many mini gods and self elated individuals, who continue to see themselves as mini-gods in the life of the downthrodeen. The search for answer is not far,  their inglorious end will come like a thief in the night.

It is a lesson for all, including the writer and may God strengthen and assist the writer to serve the interest of every subject on my sphere of affluence.

Hon. Benjamin Dairo Oyinloye is the Convener of the Save Kwara Group and the CEO of Turn The Tide and Development Nigeria Initiative.

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