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The Birth ( Elections, Inauguration And Transition) - Ogbeni Ola Michael Muyiwa

In the midst of uncertainty and thirst for change, a great Nation was conceived, by Nigerians and Mother Nature in the desire to have a better life and corresponding development in a convenient pace of time.

Ostensibly after several months of campaigns and elections which is likened to a pregnancy period, a desired birth of a new government finally comes to life. In a bid not to get stucked in the scandalous and inhumane actions of past and outgoing administrations, Nigerians once again rooted and staked their future for a great nation by making critical choices to elect servants who will propagate the gospel truth of democracy and foster change which is the essence of leadership.

Today the 29th of May 2019, which births the beginning of a new and prospective administration, batons will change hands, constituted authorities will transit power and great personalities will bow out of office in respect to the oath of democracy.

Some will exit the seat of power in grandstyle and some bow out in shame and anxiety. History will once again take its full course and posterity will discharge is designated responsibilities to all according to the works of his/her hands.

While the birth was  by choice, Elected officers must do thier best to place them way above others.

Congratulations to all outgoing officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( State and Federal ) and Welcome on board to newly elected officials and servants of out great Nations.

To the entire Populace of the Nigerian entity, I say Happy Democracy Day.

Ogbeni Ola Michael Muyiwa

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