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KWARA’s YOUNG ACTIVISTS IN MY DREAMS - Amb. Titilope Anifowoshe LegalEagle

Amb. Titilope Anifowoshe LegalEagle 

Dear Young Activist,
I saw you in my dream.
I think we need to have a conversation, but I’m afraid there are so many of you; hence my open letter.

God didn’t show me your locus, hence I’m not sure of where I should direct my letter to.

Permit me to use kwara as my locus classicus, as I am just a bush girl from Igbonla eju in the southern part of Kwara.

Uncle die hard political follower,
What have you achieved since you received your NYSC Certificate?

You have turned Twitter to your bedroom and Whatsapp to your office. You claim to have liberated Kwara, but you were only able to influence your own vote.

With your 1,000 Twitter followers, you are the King of savagery.

You have doctorate in insulting those older than your father; you can’t even remember where you kept your Bachelors certificate.

You survive on the stipends gotten from courtesy visits to politicians.

In your head,you are the biggest activist ever liveth. The person you claim to be your boss or role model cannot remember your name neither can he identify your media wars.

With your keyboard you have made millions of enemies. With your tongue you have ruined countless people.

Mister politico zlatan, your biggest dream is to be granted an appointment. You can’t stop praying to God for recognition.
Tor, May God accept your prayers o.

Have you ever asked yourself for the point in those numerous criticisms you hurled against Bukola Saraki’s media warriors?

Are you not towing the same path today?

Politics Marley! Baddest influencer ever liveth, sharpest eagle-eyed comrado!  You are so sharp to identify the errors of others.

You inherit enemies from your acclaimed boss. You know the history of the political class more than your family history.

Dear brother,
Elections have come and gone. Office holders were successful in their endeavors before they opted for politics.

They didn’t abandon their personal development for uncertainties.

Yesterday’s youths are now veterans. Your times as an undergraduate student leader is PAST! You need to face reality and focus on building a tomorrow for yourself!
A tomorrow that you will be proud of.

Dear Young Politician,
If your politics has no value, the you are no different from the ones who destroyed our beloved Nigeria.

Be an ambassador of what you preach. Stop being an hypocrite.
Get busy with genuine causes and stop constituting nuisance on social media.

The labor market is not gentle,but there is dignity in labor; you are better than being a media rat for a politician. You are better than being a whatsapp comrade.

It’s never too late to kickstart your own dignified hustle.


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