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ENetSuD Enlightenment On Federal Government Capital And Constituency Projects In Kwara State

1. National Assembly members (Senators and Honorable members) can only nominate projects during Budget Preparation, through which they facilitate such projects to their constituency

2. A Senator or House of Representative member can facilitate either Capital Project or Constituency Project to his or her constituency, depending on how s/he can influence or lobby the MDAs during Budget preparation

3. When Appropriation Bill (Budget Proposal) is signed into Law by the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the execution lies ONLY with the Executive arm of government through its Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)

4. Money for the execution of Projects is released by Federal Ministry of Finance to the Executing MDAs ONLY

5. Money for projects execution is NOT paid to National Assembly members, however, the possibility of a kickback cannot be ruled out.

6. Only MDAs award projects to contractors through their independent procurement processes, though the possibility of National Assembly members to lobby MDAs so as to favor a particular contractor of their choice cannot be ruled out.

7. Lawmakers are expected to provide projects' locations to the MDAs and contractors during execution stage, and this has been a way by which Legislators have influence on the community to benefit such projects

8. Lawmakers also wrongly participate in execution of some projects, especially distribution of Empowerment projects (which is not actually their business) to entice electorates for their political gains and relevance.

9. Poor execution of Projects, delay in projects execution, non-execution of projects, and projects sum inflation are exclusive faults of the MDAs, but not primarily the faults of Lawmakers

10. MDAs are supposed to supervise the Projects they award to contractors, and Payment to contractors are made by MDAs after they must have been satisfied with the contractors' work

11. National Assembly has oversight role on the MDAs through various Senate or House committees. A legislator representing a Constituency is only expected to report any complaints on the Projects execution by MDAs in his constituency to the appropriate National Assembly committees for further oversight function.

12. A lawmaker that facilities a project has moral responsibility to monitor the proper execution of the Projects for the benefit of his constituency that s/he represents.

13. Citizens attention should be shifted more to the MDAs on Projects execution and any observed irregularities should be reported to the Lawmakers representing them or to ENetSuD for further actions

14.  Legislators are strongly advised to ensure that proper monitoring of MDAs and contractors is their priority to ensure quality projects execution

15. Legislators are also advised to corporate with ENetSuD on Projects tracking to ensure that the Projects they nominate for their constituency members work for them as sincerely intended.


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