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Kwara Speakership: Don't Be Greedy, Desperate Like Saraki, KMC Urges Saheed Popoola

The attention of Kwara Must Change has been drawn to a statement of Impersonation by one Abiola Faronbi, who claimed to be endorsing Hon. Saheed Poola for the position of speaker in the Kwara State House of Assembly under a non existing group he described as Kwara Must Change Forum.

We totally condemn the impersonation of Kwara Must Change by this desperate character.

It is a known fact, that there is no group known as Kwara Must Change Forum. That shady name was recently created to impersonate our group, Kwara Must Change in a desperate attempt to misconstrue our position on the matter of Kwara Speakership, which will by the grace of God, go to Kwara North as fairness dictates.

Our position is very clear and unambiguous on the position of speaker and we have stated it repeatedly that our support is for Kwara North and Kwara North alone.

It is important to note that, Kwara Must Change is a pro democracy group which stands for fairness and justice and for no reason would we depart from this position on the basis of political correctness.

Let it be clear that Kwara Must Change is for Kwara North as far as the speakership position is concerned and we will always be for Kwara North. We are opposed to any move geared towards denying Kwara North what rightfully belongs to them.

Hon Saheed Popoola is a respected figure whom we hold in high esteem, but his quest to usurp the speakership position from the rightful people in total neglect for the principal of fairness will hurt him more than anyone else in the future.
In his own interest, we advise him to retrace his steps and back down.

This attitude of the powerful and influential, using their privilege to cheat on the weak and less powerful, to our understanding is a Bukola Saraki style that we must never allow to take the centre stage in a liberated Kwara and should Hon. Saheed Popoola decides to become another Bukola Saraki, he may eventually end up like him. We do not want this to happen to Hon Saheed, hence the advice. Those around him may not be courageous enough to tell him the truth, but we owe him nothing but the truth.

Kwara Must Change would like to state again  that we do not know any Abiola Faronbi and neither does the  organisation he claimed to belong to exist, it is an impersonation of Kwara Must Change and we would advise him Mr Abiola to desist from impersonating Kwara Must Change.

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