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Enough Of All These Distractions, Kwarans Have Spoken - Alhaji Adisa Abdulmumin

will protect their Mandate with their last breath...

Alhaji Adisa Abdulmumin Abidemi, the chairman Better Better homes integrated services ltd, And also the  head of late general abdulkarim Adisa dynasty has once again called on Kwarans like he did before the elections to stand with the governor elect Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and the incoming government.

This is a mandate we worked so hard for, No matter the distractions from the opposition, which is bound to fail, our mandate can never be stolen again.

This government will be a government for the people.A government that will take care of all what Kwarans yearned for. It's a new dawn  and we should all be celebrating.

The governor elect is willing  to engage in a serious restructuring and a better Kwara that will work for all.

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