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E-X-P-O-S-E-D: See How Saraki Privatised Kwara State Own Properties

Documents from a reliable source has revealed how Kwara State owned properties was Privatised by some selfish government officials in Kwara State.

Find attached CAC documents linking government officials to Kwara State owned properties, Abdulfatai Ahmed, Abdulrazak Atunwa and 3 others are the owner of School of Aviation and other Kwara State properties.

I have on good authority that the following properties were built and financed by the Kwara State government with the resources of Kwara people but was converted to a private property by Bukola Saraki and his cronies.

Some of these properties are the
 1.Shonga Farms
2. Palms Mall (aka Shoprite)
3. Harmony Holdings
4. International aviation college
5. International cargo terminal harmony 6. Diagnostics center
7. Kwara State Cashew Nut processing industry
8. Patigi Regatta Motel Ltd.

All these companies were registered in the name of same set of people, we must hold them accountable before the run.

They inflated the contract for the establishment of these companies, they borrowed billions to finance the execution and now the stole it for themselves.

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