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As Various Banana Peels Are Thrown Into The Pathways Of Kwara's Incoming Administration! - John Adegboye

It became necessary that I speak out now, when things are still in the formative stages as  the APC government of Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq hasn't taken over the mantle of leadership. I am speaking out now because certain elements in the Saraki's camp has severally called to celebrate the doggedness and indefatigable stance of several teams I had the opportunities to lead during the struggle for Kwara's emancipation from years of Bukola Saraki's misrule!

Chief of those encounters was my encounter with Shola or better known as Sholyment. After congratulating me for my faithful stand upon the progressive ideology, he went ahead to say other things which for reasons God only knows are the burdens upon my heart as I woke up this morning at 3 am! He told me emphatically that no government likes people who speak the hard truth! Not that I don't know this, I experienced the same thing all throughout my 12 years as a Staff of NEPA or PHCN. A truthful person is always ostracized and despised. However, my Bible tells me " and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". Saraki never listened to the truth, which was why he lost after 16 years. The truth breaks bondage, opens new horizon and avenues that brings progress.

My first Advice to A A is, " always surround yourself with truthful people ".

I noticed in Bukola's 16 years of influence that there was a massive disdain, disparage and disrespect for educated, knowledgeable and intelligent people. Bukola is the only one having a brain. Bukola is the only one that his ideas are the best. I can say this because on several occasions I witnessed brilliant ideas being denied from seeing the light of the day. Research works which took the researchers time, money and effort to put together were dismissed by semi illiterate political office holders who made a mess of every initiatives that would have sustained Saraki's continued dominance.

My Second Advice is, A A must surround himself with many researchers, innovators and technocrats as against the practices of handling ministries and parastatals to novices and mediocres in the name of compensation. A A's government will be confronted with an " against the tide of the sea" kind of government.

It's still uncertain the kind of challenge A A will be up against, as in 16 years of handling Kwara, our State is not only in a complete mess but the mindset of many Kwarans have also been tampered with.

I become so bothered with the way and manners some people are jostling and lobbying for positions either for themselves or their wards, I ask myself did I engage in this struggle because I am looking for something? We need to be suspicious of anyone that is lobbying too hard, as those are the individuals who joined the O TO GE struggle because they were left out from the scheme of things under Saraki's political leadership. While I will as a true Kwara citizen accept and work very hard at any responsibility handed over to me by the in coming administration if they deem me worthy of such, I wish to remind us all that we must be careful. So that after 4 years, Kwarans will not see us as individuals who are no different from people in the Saraki's camp!

This are simply my personal opinions and I stand unwaveringly on them

I remain Comrade Olawale John Adegboye!

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