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RE: Constituent Accuse APC KWHA Candidate Of Theft

Ekiti Constituency Kwara House Of Assembly All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate, Hon. Ganiyu Abolarin has responded to the allegation against him by the son of his late associate, Chief Anjorin.

Here is what he said about the allegation;

In as much as the law of the land enables freedom of associations,  with the fact that you are at liberty to belong to any political party of your choice, however, engaging in lies, mudslinging, character assassination and distorted information, deliberately to impugn on my names, integrity and social status, for no justifiable reason than the fact that you are in the PDP and I am in the APC, is the least I'd expected from a very young man like you.

It is most maliciously barbaric, obnoxiously repugnant.

Even though ,I find it hard to grab any sensible substance out of the petty malaise and distasteful bitterness you had displayed in your Facebook posts, which was published by KwaraReporters without a corroborating self-defense from me before going to press, as taught in fair Journalism, I will summarily enlighten your unpardonable ignorance on the working relationship between Distinguished Senator Simeon Sule Ajibola and your dad, the Late Chief Anjorin (of blessed memory).

Firstly, as a rebuttal,  Sen. Ajibola did not adopt his dual religious names as a results of your late dad's influence. He was born by a Chief Imam, into a Muslim home and named Suleiman.

He lost his two parents immediately after birth and was left an orphan.

The Anglican missionary, sponsored his education and as he result, he became a Christian and got baptised as 'Simeon' right at his primary school days.

All his educational certificates from the Primary School to the University bore Simeon Sule Ajibola, hence, it couldn't have been as a result of your dad's influence, whom probably, was not known to him at this period.

This same rebuttal was applicable to me, I was born a Muslim and named Ganiyu.
 I grew up to start attending church services right from my secondary school days, when I got baptised in the Redeemed Christian Church of God as 'Gabriel'. These were long before I crossed-path with your dad.

Secondly, Senator S. Ajibola did not spent 16years in the Senate, as you and your likes always ignorantly claimed. He got sworn-in for the first time in 2004, and served as a senator of the Federal Republic, representing the good people of Kwara South Senatorial District until 2015.
A space of 11years.

Thirdly, I was never your late dad's employer, neither was I his boss in any form.

The National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) was the employer of all legislative aides.

It is the National Assembly Service Commission,  NASC that pays salaries and emoluments directly into the bank accounts of all legislative aides

He was appointed the Senior Legislative Aide to Sen. Ajibola in 2004, along with Hon. Saka from Ifelodun LGA,  who was the Assistant Senior Legislative Aides, Alh. Salaudeen from Offa LGA, as Legislative Aide.

I was no where near the Legislative team as at then, even though, I was a part of the Ajibola's political family.

Your dad, Chief Anjorin became deceased sometime in 2008 or 2009 (I can't be too precise here)
And I can still remember that Sen. Ajibola had summoned your mother, Mrs Anjorin Elizabeth, along with Alh. Raheem Ajase, Alh Kadiri to Ilorin after the burial.
The senator had demanded that your mother should nominate to him, anyone among your dad's children, who will replace the dad as his Senior Legislative Aide.
Alh Kadiri and Alh Raheem are all alive to bear me witness on all these,
Your mother mentioned the name of Late Chief Anjorin's eldest son, Anjorin Dele, as the replacement for the dad.

The Senator demanded all the CV to be taken to Abuja for onward processing and gave your mother, a sum of N300,000, as upkeep for the period before Dele would start earning salaries.

I heard, shortly afterward that Dele was involved in motor accident, where he lost his life. This led to how your elder sister, Anjorin Bose (I assumed she should be married by now) later became the replacement for your dad and she was appointed as the Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Ajibola in replacement of your dad.

Your elder sister, Anjorin Bose, as Senior Legislative Aide to the senator enjoyed all the benefits supposedly meant for your dad as Senior legislative aide.
She got paid all entitlements and benefits as she served in that capacity.

To further buttress the love Sen. Ajibola had for the Anjorin's family, Sen.  Ajibola, as the leader of the PDP then in Ekiti Local Government, singlehandedly, nominated and influenced the selection of your mother, Mrs Anjorin Elizabeth, as the Ekiti LGA PDP Vice Chairmanship Candidate for the Local Government Elections, in 2010.

She became the Vice Chairman to Hon Bode Ogunleye's Chairmanship tenure in Ekiti Local Government, not because of anything, but as a compensation for the lost of her husband.

It was while she was the vice Chairman and when the political difference between Sen. Ajibola and Sen. Abubakar Saraki started to raise its head, that she decided to align with Abubakar Saraki and abandoned the Ajibola political platform built together with her late husband.

So therefore, I couldn't understand the basis upon  which the baseless allegation that I could have 'done away' with your dad's benefits came from ( according to you).

!. I was not your dad's employer, neither was I his banker who paid his salaries, how could I have had access to his remunerations and  benefits, least 'steal' it as you'd amateurishly claimed. The National Assembly Service Commission pays salaries and emoluments directly into accounts of all legislative aides as they are also part of the staff of the National Assembly

!!. Your elder sister, Anjorin Bose who was the replacement of your dad as the Senior Legislative Aide to Sen.S. Ajibola, wouldn't have claimed ignorant of the said benefit since she inherited everything in lieu of her dad. So, if anything at all, such payment would have been made to her.

In this regards, I demand a retraction of this libelous post and a Public Apology, within 48hours, to be shared on all Kwara state based Social Media Platform and on Kwara Reporter's platform.

If by 12:00am on Tuesday, you have not done as demanded here, you should be ready to defend all you have said about me in the law Court.

Hon. Abolarin Ganiyu Gabriel

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